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Weare committed to building an international advanced intelligent electrical manufacturing leader.

  • Centered on the power system and the core components of intelligent ammunition, it involves the power supply, guidance and semiconductor plate.
  • Enter the lithium battery cutting precision mold industry, and realize the development of road transportation and intelligent manufacturing.
  • To "protect the source of life" as the purpose, focus on sewage treatment business.
  • Top 500 Chinese Enterprises
  • Total Assets of 7 Billion Dollar
  • More than 70 Subordinate Companies
  • Annual Turnover : 12 Billion Dollar (2022)
  • More than 21,000 Employees
  • 4 Major Electrical Manufacturing Bases
  • 3 R&D Centers
  • 30,000 Sales Outlets
  • More than 50 Overseas Sales Outlets
  • 14 Regional Logistics Centers (Wuhu factory has a three-dimensional warehouse with a building area of up to 8,000 square meters)
  • 1984

  • 1985

  • 1986

  • Origin of Delixi Established Yueqing Qiujing Switch Factory
  • Business Model ‘Front Shop Back Factory’
  • Established the first thermal relay labratory among private enterprise in the same industry
  • 1991

  • 1992

  • 1993

  • Established Yueqing Delixi Electric Components Factory At that time, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Qiao Shi, Li Ruihuan inspected the company.
  • Established Joint Venture Wenzhou Delixi Electric Co., Ltd At that time, premier of the state council Lipeng inspected the company.
  • Steady growth was achieved in the domestic market and external expansion was initiated
  • 1998

  • Zhejiang Delixi Building Put into Use Established Shanghai Delixi Group Co., Ltd The system of functional congresses was formally implemented.
  • 1999

  • 2000

  • 2001

  • 2002

  • 2003

  • 2005

  • 2007

  • "Overall Acquisition of Hangzhou Xizi (Group) Company ‘Delixi’was recognized as ""China Well-known Trademark"" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce"
  • "Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao Inspected Delixi After approvement, established the first national industry postdoctoral research station."
  • "Began to Advance into Xinjiang, Participate in the Western Development Enter the Field of Transportation"
  • "Xi Jinping Inspected Delixi Delixi was listed on China's top 500 companies list"
  • "Helped Shenzhou 5 Manned Space Flight Succeed The ‘fly to sky’affair lasted for more than 10 years."
  • "Delixi Entered the Field of Environmental Engineering Won the 2004 National Science Progress Award"
  • "Delixi and Schneider Established Joint Venture -- Delixi Electric Co., Ltd Towards Enterprise Internationalization"
  • 2009

  • 2011

  • 2014

  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • "Approved to Establish China Delixi Holding Group Co., LTD., into a State-owned Private Enterprise Won the 2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award "
  • "Delixi Helped ‘Tiangong-1’Successful Launch Became the Controlling Shareholder of Guangdong Ganhua "
  • "Started the Building of Delixi Intelligent Electric Industrial Zone Hu Chengzhong attended the commemoration meeting of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France. "
  • "Hu Chengzhong Named ‘30 Influential People in Wenzhou Economy’ "
  • "Dexin Transportation is listed on the A-share Market Delixi Group has Become a Key unit of patent protection in Zhejiang Province "
  • "Hu Chengzhong was Elected a Deputy to the National People's Congress Established ‘Delixi New Age Institute’ "
  • "Hu Chengzhong was awarded ""Major Influential Entrepreneur in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up"" in Yueqing City. Delixi Group was awarded ‘Zhejiang Province High-quality Development Leader Enterprise’ "
  • We have increased our overseas investment and established several production bases and sales networks worldwide.
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