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hv sf6 circuit breaker

LW36-126KV Outdoor HV SF6 Circuit Breaker

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LW-35-126 Outdoor High Voltage AC SF6 Circuit Breaker

35-110KV Cricuit Breaker

The LW36-126/3150-40 self-extinction AC circuit breaker which is outdoor type findsits universal range of applications for the electrical system with elevation not greatethan 2000m(can also be designed to 3000m). ambient temperature not lowerthan40*C. dirtiness grade not higher than IV. alternating current 50Hz and the maximumvoltage 126kV. It is used for cutting the rated current, malfunction current or switching the circuitry, to control and protect the electrical system. and it can also be used foiconnecting with the circuit breaker.

The gas of the SF6 is employed as the arc-extinguishing medium and the dielectricmaterial.The self-extinction technology and the new-type spring operating mechanismiare introduced in the SF circuit breaker. Thus the circuit breaker has good qualities withlong electrical life, low operation power, lower noise, high reliability, simple structuresmall and long overhaul can fully replace the import samme type one.
Characteristic of Structure
The breaker introduces the three-phase porcelain-pole with single interrupter structure. Aspring operating mechanism is supplied and the mechanical action of the three-phase isinner connected. The gas of the SF6 is connected in the three-phase pole parts.A densitycontroller with temperature compensation is used to monitor the gas of the SF6. Becauseof the self-extinction arc control principle and optimized design, it improves the efficienctof mechanism and reduces the operating power.

Excellent breaking performance and long electrical life.
The metal frame and the support of the circuit breaker are bended with a wholedeep steel plate. The hot galvanizing is used for the surface treatments. The highstrength stainless steel and aluminum are used for the fasteners and the three-phasetransmission shaft respectively, The surface ofstructure box is made by stainless steelthe corrosion resistance of the mechanism is improved efficiently.High mechanism reliability and can be operated frequently.Because of the high insulation intensity and excellent contact movement, the breakingcapacity current will not re-burn.
The circuit breaker has high outer insulation level and ratio creepage distance is greaterthan 31 mm/kV. So it has excellent performance of resisting the filth and the earthquakeit is also can be operated safely under the environment with atrocious weather.High carrying ability: it has high capability margin as the temperature of each contactrises when it is under temperature rise test in the circuit of 3780A (1.2 times of3150A).The appearance of the breaker is compact, and the installation and debugging is veryeasy. The maintenance is also very convenient.

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