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Ac contactor for home use

Publish Time: 2022-09-07 14:26:12     Author: DELIXI

Classification and use of contactors AC contactors are electrical appliances that have no mechanical connection between the contact system and the electromagnetic coil system. It IS mainly composed of contact and arc extinguishing cover, can connect and break the normal alternating current, but also in the specified time to carry a certain short-circuit current, disconnection depends on the spring spring to release the stored energy.

There are many kinds of AC contactors, which can be divided into:

1) Universal: used for remote control in the general control loop with frequent operation;

2) Isolation type: mainly used for protection and control of electrical equipment or lines in safety protection devices that need to prevent electric shock accidents;

3) Signal indicator type: mainly used for various circuit potential, voltage, power and other signals indication and control;

4) Time relay: It is mainly used for control and alarm of fixed time limit in various automatic control circuits.

According to different structural forms, it can be divided into the following types:

1) Bimetallic sheet structure: a closed magnetic circuit is made of two identical bimetallic sheets and then a core is installed to form the main contact system. Because the structure has the characteristics of small size and light weight, thin shell packaging is often used to reduce the size and improve the reliability.

2) Single-phase frame type: a closed magnetic circuit of the main contact system is formed by a double-phase frame with an insulating handle, and then a closed magnetic circuit composed of an auxiliary contact is installed to form the main contact system of the main contact.

3) three-phase frame type: it is composed of three identical three-phase frame as a whole and formed as a whole and become a whole of a complete closed magnetic circuit of the main contact of the main contact of the main connection mechanism of a type.

4) Five-post junction box: is a common household switchboard plug-switch panel connector.

5) Plastic case circuit breaker: it is one of the most widely used electrical products in low-voltage distribution network.

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