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Appearance level strength and outstanding! Deli West Electric the first mirror acrylic switch CD226 hit.

Publish Time: 2022-09-26 14:41:48     Author: DELIXI

The development of science and technology not only brings more functional, more convenient products, but also brings the possibility of modern aesthetic upgrading. In the field of electrical home, the small switch is also affected by the impact of the new consumer wave. Nowadays, the new generation of consumers not only pay attention to the use value of the product itself, but also put forward more requirements for the delicate sense of switch design, quality sense and service sense. In the face of the phenomenon of consumption upgrading, Deli West Electric launched the first mirror acrylic switch CD226 Dehao series, in the design, process, material and other aspects have done the upgrade iteration, once again refresh the art home to a new height!High strength 4H acrylic: Select material to upgrade

Although SWITCH SOCKET IS SMALL, DAILY USE IS VERY FREQUENT HOWEVER, ONCE INSTALLED, ALWAYS HOPE IT CAN ACCOMPANY THIS HOME FOR A LONGER TIME. As we all know, ordinary glass is fragile, fragile and unsafe. It is understood that CD226 Dehao series is Deli's first acrylic material switch, crystal texture is more advanced, break the traditional dark surface, reengraved ice crystal crystal texture, exquisite, minimalist contour refraction beautiful light sense, poetic light and shadow from the eye and heart, a touch unforgettable. In addition, switch security is several times the strength of ordinary glass wear resistance, easy to take care of, not easy to scratch, not easy to change color, use more comfortable.

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