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CDMNEZ Photovoltaic Molded Case Circuit Breaker, the Safety “Guardian” of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Publish Time: 2022-10-14 15:49:07     Author: DELIXI

With the continuous emergence of the greenhouse effect, green and low carbon has gradually become the main theme of global economic development. my country has also put forward the long-term goal of 3060 carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in due course. The new energy industry represented by photovoltaics has also begun to accelerate and develop rapidly in the past two years.

Among them, large-scale centralized photovoltaic power generation and the corresponding energy storage industry have also put forward higher and higher requirements for DC power distribution protection. The rated working voltage of the DC circuit breaker is also getting higher and higher, gradually transitioning from DC 1000V to DC 1500V. However, after the working voltage of the DC circuit breaker increases, the difficulty of arc extinguishing and breaking of the DC system also increases significantly. If the fault cannot be removed in a timely manner, a slight delay may cause significant damage to the entire power generation and energy storage system.

Delixi Electric conducts in-depth research on industry needs, creates professional product solutions, and brings a new CDMNEZ photovoltaic molded case circuit breaker, which is perfectly adapted to higher DC voltages, and is equipped with advanced current limiting and narrow-slot arc extinguishing technology to stably guard photovoltaic power generation. The safe operation of the system is like the safety "goalkeeper" of the photovoltaic power station!

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