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CDQ1F Series PC Class Excitation Type Automatic Switch Shock on the Market

Publish Time: 2022-05-06 16:51:28     Author: DELIXI

Delixi electric brand new listed CDQ1F series PC-level excitation automatic switch, more complete specifications, stronger performance, power off time can be shortened to less than 0.1s, for important places of continuous electricity, escort!  

CDQ1F automatic transfer switch, with a more complete number of poles, a larger current range, three kinds of controller to meet different customers for economic and functional individual needs.  Among them, C-type LCD controller is equipped with RS485 remote communication, which can expand intelligent power distribution.  Moreover, CDQ1F also introduces ac-33A and AC-33IA for fire pump load, perfect for high sensitivity and frequent switching conditions.

CDQ1F automatic transfer switch, power off time is shorter, the application scope is greatly expanded.  Modular contact group design, better heat dissipation.  C type controller is equipped with fuse, which can greatly reduce the damage of controller caused by wrong line connection and save a lot of maintenance costs.  

Delixi family appearance design, with plastic case and other products installed in a complete set more beautiful, enhance the level of cabinet;  C type controller can be in the whole, split between flexible change, more convenient installation.  At the same time, the use of network cable port, expansion and change more convenient, more economic.

CDQ1F series automatic switch, more complete, faster, stronger, more reliable, can be widely used in hospitals, banks, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, power plants, chemical, metallurgy, airports, docks and other places, intimate protection of your electricity safety!  

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