[China Economic Net] Representative Hu Chengzhong: Increase Support for the Whole Chain to Promote the High-Quality Development of Precision Manufacturing

Publish Time: 2023-03-07 13:41:43     Author: DELIXI

The manufacturing industry is the main body of the real economy and plays a leading and supporting role in the modern industrial economic system. At this year's two sessions, Hu Chengzhong, deputy to the National People's Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, and chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, said in an interview with reporters that to improve the high-quality development of precision manufacturing, it is recommended to increase support. , the whole chain supports the development of precision manufacturing and accelerates the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse.

Hu Chengzhong said that in recent years, the country has successively issued a series of related support policies such as the "Special Action Plan for the Improvement of Manufacturing Design Capabilities", "Outline for the Construction of a Quality Power", and clarified the national strategy for the localization of high-end machine tools. The process of domestic substitution in manufacturing has played an important role.

"Amid all the benefits, we should also see some problems that restrict the deep-seated development of China's manufacturing industry." After in-depth research, representative Hu Chengzhong found that in terms of corporate management systems, there are mostly rigid management models, unclear management ownership, and no Good at using market-oriented means to improve management level and other issues.

For example, Hu Chengzhong said that after some machine tool companies completed cross-border acquisitions, there were problems at the shareholder level regarding the core interests and rights of new and old shareholders, and the lack of strong management introduction and market grafting, resulting in acquisitions that were far less than expected. In addition, traditional machine tool companies also have large scale of accounts receivable, high asset-liability ratio, and low capital turnover efficiency to varying degrees.

"As the downstream of high-end machine tools, the precision manufacturing industry has extremely high requirements for the comprehensive application of technologies such as mechanical processing, computers, and new materials. Therefore, it is necessary to create a company with high-end product positioning, customer demand-centered, and strong customized design capabilities. The team of machine tool companies is crucial to the rapid development of the precision manufacturing industry." Hu Chengzhong believes that in terms of the upstream industry chain, the domestic high-end machine tool localization industry chain has yet to be improved, and basic materials and high-performance functional components cannot meet high-end requirements. , A large number of key components such as numerical control systems and encoders need to rely on imports, and the localization rate of domestic high-end machine tool components is low.

For example, Hu Chengzhong pointed out that at present, CNC systems are mainly occupied by companies such as Siemens; transmission components are mainly controlled by companies such as NSK, Intime, and THK; on the one hand, imported parts are priced higher, which increases the manufacturing costs of machine tool companies and reduces the development of products. The enthusiasm of customers; on the other hand, it also reduces the stability of the supply chain, making domestic high-end machine tools relatively passive in R&D, supply, and after-sales, resulting in insufficient trust in domestic high-end machine tools by customers.

"Therefore, I suggest that for small and medium-sized enterprises that are still in the development stage and are in subdivided fields but have core technologies, policy guidance should be strengthened so that capital injection, breakthroughs in industrial technology difficulties, and core technology innovations of enterprises can be fully linked." Representative Hu Chengzhong He told reporters: "At present, we must not only strengthen the strong belief in the precision manufacturing industry from 'chaser' to 'runner' and then to 'leader', but also to tackle key core technologies and improve the localization rate. Long-term value planning and accumulation of potential energy.”

In view of this, representative Hu Chengzhong put forward three suggestions:

  1. Give full play to the role of the multi-level capital market, guide the state and private capital to actively flow into the high-end basic manufacturing industry represented by high-end machine tools, make the capital benefit all private enterprises in related industries, and create a number of benchmark enterprises.
  1. Strengthen targeted fiscal and tax incentives, improve and urge the implementation of the elimination mechanism for fiscal and tax incentive objects, help companies regularly formulate R&D and product iteration plans, guide and strengthen the integrated development of industry, learning and research, and conduct counterpart training in key areas such as machinery, materials, and computers in colleges and universities. Promote the transformation of research and development achievements of universities to enterprises.
  1. Implant the concept of "chain support" in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies, and fully take into account the linkage of upstream core components and systems, midstream high-end machine tools, and downstream precision manufacturing industry chains in the direction of domestic substitution and independent controllable development. .

"In general, in the short term, appropriate policy support can be given to customer companies that purchase domestic high-end machine tools and high-end machine tool companies with a relatively high localization rate of parts and components, so as to open up the needs of the entire industry chain and corresponding solutions." Representative Hu Chengzhong pointed out, To cultivate high-quality precision manufacturing, we must not only rely on the participation of the whole society, but also give full play to the enthusiasm of the whole industry. Facing industrial development, we must see thoroughly, think long-term, and act resolutely. Deepen cultivation and accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing country.

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