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China Railway Investment and China Railway Fifteen Bureau and his party visited Delixi Electric for inspection and exchanges

Publish Time: 2022-11-22 16:35:53     Author: DELIXI

On November 18th, You Hui, chairman of China Railway Construction Investment (Wenzhou) Urban Development Co., Ltd. and general manager of Zhejiang Headquarters of China Railway Construction Investment Group, Shen Qi, general manager of the Wenzhou Regional Management Department of the China Railway 15th Bureau, came to Delixi electrical Co., Ltd ,were warmly received by leaders such as Delixi Electric Co., Ltd 's CEO Lou Feng.

Leaders of China Railway Investment and China Railway Fifteen Bureau first visited Delixi Electric Digital Exhibition Hall. Mr. Lou Feng made a comprehensive introduction to the development process, main industries, scientific and technological research and development, and corporate culture of Delixi Electric. When seeing the layout of Delixi Electric's intelligent development, Mr. You Hui agreed: "From the perspective of the way, every step of Delixi Electric's development is stable and powerful. The positive layout of carbon and other fields is an important measure to insight into the future and seize the heights of development! "

Subsequently, the guests went to the factory to visit the core automation production line, and the products from zero -distance visits from raw materials screening, research and development, production, and automated production lines in all aspects of warehousing and logistics. Through the explanation of the staff, everyone feels that Delician Electric is committed to the green and intelligent development concepts that penetrate the low -carbon digital through all aspects.

"China Railway Construction Investment's scope covers railway, urban rail transit, highways, municipal and river comprehensive governance, housing construction and other fields. Policies, practicing the concept of green development, and using 'intelligent manufacturing+clean production' to build a new green low -carbon digital scene is also an area that we are very concerned about. Looking forward to the future China Railway Construction Investment can actively explore cooperation opportunities with Delixi Electric to achieve a strong combination ."

"Over the years, Delixe Electric has been fully deployed in the fields of power distribution electrical, industrial control automation, home electrical and other fields, and insisted on using open and innovative thinking to actively improve its core competitiveness. Lixi Electric is based on the industry, continues to increase in the field of innovative research and development, accelerates new energy tracks such as photovoltaic, charging piles, and energy storage, actively builds a green power distribution cycle economy industry chain, and continues to help the industry's green and low -carbon cycle development. The two sides can carry out a comprehensive and deep cooperation to seek development together! "

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