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Chinese Brand Day | Closely The Pulse of The Times, Delixi Electric Brand for China to Accelerate

Publish Time: 2022-05-12 16:56:05     Author: DELIXI

May 10, 2022 is the sixth China Brand Day. This year, the theme of China Brand Day is "Join Hands for the Future".

As low voltage electrical industry leader in China, delixi electric is builders, participants in the development of China, is also a national high-speed development of beneficiaries, delixi electric bear in mind that the Chinese brand mission and so, on the basis of quality, powered by scientific and technological innovation, low carbon environmental protection oriented, with social responsibility as own duty, With intelligent manufacturing, green development of the twin engines driven, in the national infrastructure construction, in the Belt and Road project, together with customers to set up a number of "national name card" projects, to show a good image of the Chinese brand.

Since 2012, Delixi Electric has started the comprehensive upgrade of intelligent manufacturing, layout of three digital supply chain bases, the combination of artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing, in-depth implementation of production and manufacturing, quality testing, storage management, process management and other links. At present, the overall automation rate of the base is 70%, and the automation rate of key product lines is 97%, realizing intelligent manufacturing in a real sense.

In the force of intelligent manufacturing at the same time, Delixi Electric has always placed scientific and technological innovation in the first place of enterprise development, with postdoctoral research workstation as the research and development platform, the formation of expert team; At the same time, through industry-university-research cooperation, it has transformed a large number of scientific research achievements into practical applications and formed an independent innovation and development system. It has been recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" for many consecutive years with a total number of more than 1,300 effective patents and three National Science and Technology Progress Awards. The pilot series, the new 6 series, the new era series and other star series products have been launched on the market, as well as the climbing peak series and the Knight series, which set up the industry benchmark, have been unanimously recognized by the market.

With the country's transformation of high-quality development and the promotion of dual carbon goals, "green manufacturing" has become the only way to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

As a leading enterprise in the electrical industry, Delixi Electric has established a master control platform for intelligent energy, which has realized dynamic monitoring, analysis and effective management of water, electricity and gas consumption in the park, striving to achieve carbon neutrality from multiple aspects. In 2021, the company was listed as "National Green Factory" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with its comprehensive strength in green manufacturing.

Delixi Electric paves the road to green and intelligent "future low-voltage electric era" for industry customers with scientific and technological innovation, and actively develops and produces green and intelligent products to help customers in all industries improve quality and efficiency and intelligent green transformation and upgrading. Fully consider the recyclable design, universal design and minimization design of products, adjust the product structure, and actively develop intelligent distribution products with high added value, low emissions, low power consumption, low frequency and environmental protection.

At the same time, delixi Electric has successively launched innovative green sustainable development solutions in new energy, power, construction and other subsectors, effectively solve the pain point of high energy consumption of customers, enabling the whole industry partners to join hands in transformation, to create a new industrial ecology, is the development opportunity of Delixi Electric, is also the mission of The Times.

As a Chinese brand growing with The Times and with the same frequency as the country, Delixi Electric's products are widely used in aerospace, commercial and civil real estate, petroleum and petrochemical, electric power, infrastructure, transportation, metallurgy and other industries, and with customers, together to create a "national name card" project.

In China's construction projects such as the "Four Supplies and one Industry" project, the Hu-Hangzhou Railway Project of China Railway 12th Bureau Group co., LTD., the Second line construction project of Chongqing huai Railway, the 1000 tons graphene powder project of Xinao 5000 tons graphene powder project, and the DJI Agricultural plant protection UAV project, etc. Delixi Electric has participated in international projects that demonstrate national strength, such as kazakhstan Mineral High voltage Cabinet project and Tanzania 36.2k single-three-phase electricity meter box delivery project. It is this "monument" standing around the world that confirms and accumulates delixi electric's excellent "public praise".

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