Combat Counterfeiting and Shoddy Products, Ensure the Safety of Electricity Consumption, and Boost Consumer Confidence

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In 2023, with the liberalization of epidemic control, consumption has become an important factor and lasting driving force for my country's economic recovery and development. In 2023, the China Consumers Association established the theme of the Year of Consumer Rights Protection as "boosting consumer confidence", aiming to gather consensus from all parties and promote coordinated governance of consumer rights protection.

As an important enterprise in China's electrical industry, Delixi Group has never been absent in safeguarding consumer rights and boosting consumer confidence. In recent years, Delixi has practiced "quality innovation" internally and "brand maintenance" externally, using practical actions to help create a safer and more secure consumption environment in China's electrical industry, and continuously improve consumers' sense of security and happiness.

Legal Rights Protection, Crack Down on Counterfeiting and Shoddy Products

With the upgrading of the national smart grid, China's electrical industry has ushered in a leapfrog development. Due to industrial characteristics, market demand and other reasons, its market environment has also been coveted by some fish in troubled waters, and counterfeit and shoddy products have been repeatedly cracked down. Different from general consumer goods, low-voltage electrical products are directly related to the safety of electricity consumption for thousands of households and various production and living scenarios. Counterfeit and shoddy products often cut corners and do not have strict inspection and testing procedures. security risks. According to the statistics of the fire department, among the direct causes of fires in my country in 2021, electrical causes accounted for 28.4%, ranking first; and one-third of the larger fires were caused by electrical causes.

It can be seen that counterfeit and shoddy electrical products not only damage the interests of regular manufacturers and infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, but also directly threaten social interests and public safety.

As an important enterprise in China's electrical industry and one of the few local brands in the industry, Delixi is well aware of the importance of electrical product safety, cracking down on counterfeit products and protecting brand rights are also safeguarding consumer rights. Over the years, Delixi has established a professional anti-counterfeiting team, established a rewarding reporting mechanism, and with the support of relevant functional departments, has dug deep into counterfeiting dens, investigated and blocked network infringements, and tried its best to maintain a clear market environment and a safe consumption environment.

Digging Deep: Destroying Counterfeiting Dens

With the development and accumulation of Delixi brand reputation for nearly 40 years, there have been counterfeit and shoddy products under the banner of "Delixi" in the market for a long time. In response to this market chaos, Delixi weaves an all-round and three-dimensional "anti-counterfeiting network". The company not only established a contact station for intellectual property protection with the support of relevant agencies, and built a long-term working mechanism, but also issued a policy aimed at cracking down on manufacturing and sales. The work standards for counterfeit and shoddy products are detailed in the anti-counterfeiting claim standards, procedures and other aspects to ensure the efficient promotion of anti-counterfeiting work. In addition, an employee reward mechanism and a consumer reporting reward mechanism have been introduced to encourage employees and consumers to establish awareness of intellectual property protection. Actively participate in the crackdown on counterfeiting and eliminating inferiority.

At the beginning of August last year, the staff of the Delixi Electric Anti-Counterfeiting Office received reliable clues that there was a den in a certain place that produced counterfeit Delixi products. They made a report and cooperated with law enforcement officers to investigate and deal with the counterfeiting dens. A total of more than 400 counterfeit products of various types, as well as a large number of trademarks, packaging boxes, manuals, etc. were seized. There were also several pad printing machines and pad printing plates on site.

Due to the huge amount involved, the market supervision department quickly handed over the case to the public security department. After receiving the report, the public security department immediately intervened in the investigation and arrested two suspects on the spot. After interrogation, the criminal suspect confessed a large number of criminal facts. Due to the seriousness of the case and the wide coverage involved, the public security department reported the case. The leaders of the public security department attached great importance to it, and deployed capable police forces to set up a special case team to conduct in-depth investigations into the case. The anti-counterfeiting personnel of Delixi actively cooperated and quickly identified the counterfeiting criminal gang headed by Zheng. The gang operated counterfeit products of many well-known brands. Through regional cooperation, they produced electrical components in Liushi, shipped them to other places for assembly, and then sold them to all parts of the country after assembly, forming an integrated "production, supply, and sales" supply chain.

After grasping all the evidence, the special case team decided to launch a network closing operation against the criminal gang. With the active cooperation of Delixi anti-counterfeiting personnel, the special case team went to various places to arrest the criminal suspects involved in the case. 17 suspects were arrested, 4 counterfeiting dens were destroyed, and 2 online stores were investigated and dealt with. Ten million yuan. In order to thoroughly investigate the case, the public security department has reported the case level by level. At the same time, the task force also stated that it will further intensify the crackdown, continue to dig deeper into the case, and completely cut off the criminal chain.

In 2022, Delixi cooperated with relevant departments to transfer a total of 27 anti-counterfeiting cases to the public security organs, of which 21 cases and 38 people were investigated for criminal responsibility.

Clever Layout: Detecting Network Infringement

Although the rise of the Internet has provided consumers with more channels to purchase products, it has also become a high incidence of counterfeiting and infringement. At the beginning of 2021, when the Delixi Brand Maintenance Center checked the data of the online sales platform, it found that several stores selling Delixi electrical products had abnormal prices and large sales. After analysis, it was believed that the possibility of counterfeiting was very high. Confirm that these products are counterfeit. The brand maintenance center immediately reported these stores to an economic investigation brigade, and the economic investigation brigade quickly locked 4 online stores and their actual business locations through technical investigation.

Subsequently, the anti-counterfeiting personnel cooperated with the public security investigation team to go back and forth to various places to investigate and collect evidence. They conducted investigations on the identity of the parties registered in the store, communications, capital flow and other information. A production and sales industrial chain of "offline production and online sales" has been defined. Afterwards, the Economic Investigation Brigade carried out a unified arrest operation, seized 4 counterfeit online stores in one fell swoop, and found a large number of electrical products and packaging boxes of well-known brands on the spot. According to the preliminary statistics of the background sales data of the e-commerce platform, the amount involved in the counterfeit Delixi alone has reached millions of yuan, and four parties were detained by the police according to law.

In the past 5 years, with the strong support of local government functional departments, Delixi has investigated and dealt with 169 counterfeit "Delixi" trademark registration cases, transferred 73 cases and 95 people to the public security organs for criminal responsibility, and cooperated with law enforcement agencies to detain various infringements according to law. The product is 270,000 pieces/set, and the case value is more than 30 million yuan. In addition, through continuous attention to cases of criminal responsibility, 30 people have been sentenced by the people's court according to law.

Establishing an Enterprise With Quality Guarantees the Safety of Electricity Use

Quality is the vitality of the company's products. Any product that does not pass the quality standard, no matter how novel its creativity, how beautiful its appearance is, and how unique its design is, it is just a "flower in the mirror, a moon in the water". As early as the beginning of the business, "quality first" was written into the purpose of setting up the factory by Hu Chengzhong, the founder of Delixi Group, and the practice of this purpose for decades is also the reason why Delixi can develop from a family workshop to a Chinese company. An important reason for Fortune 500 companies.

Over the years, Delixi has focused on implementing a customer-oriented total quality strategy and carried out whole-process quality management, including new product development quality, supplier quality, production process quality, lean quality, logistics quality, etc. Product quality control runs through the design process, manufacturing process, parts process, and even product transportation, storage, and sales processes. Through a sound system, the process and supplier quality robustness are improved, production and application risks are reduced, and quality control is maximized. fluctuation. At the same time, through perfect management system certification, strict product quality certification, systematic process control, sound supplier service system and rigorous manufacturing process to ensure product quality, with excellent product quality, leading the industry's product intelligence, technology development.

At present, Delixi has established 19 highest measurement standards of the enterprise, 12 of which have passed national laboratory certification, providing measurement assurance for quality management; the laboratory has obtained the laboratory accreditation CNAS certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (2018 to 2024 Year).

The key to quality improvement lies in innovation. Delixi adheres to the concept of innovation-driven leading China's intelligent manufacturing, and always puts independent research and development in the first place. The group has established the "Delixi Science and Technology Innovation Fund", formulated the "R&D Expense Accounting Method", and allocated 3-5% of product sales revenue for scientific research every year. More than 70% of the company's products have independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, the group also owns the first post-doctoral scientific research workstation of a production enterprise in the same industry in the country, and cooperates with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other universities and research institutes to carry out research on cutting-edge technologies in the low-voltage electrical industry, and develop more It has led and participated in the formulation of more than 80 national standards. The total number of effective patents has reached more than 2,000, and it has won 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

At present, Delixi is accelerating the transformation of the research and development of low-voltage electrical appliances to the direction of intelligence, modularization, miniaturization and high performance. The series of new products such as "Dengfeng" launched by Delixi Electric show the great progress made by Delixi in its intelligent and digital pioneering development.

Intentional Service to Comprehensively Improve Customer Consumption Experience

In recent years, Delixi has actively built a national standard five-star brand and a five-star after-sales service "double five-star" brand system.

On the basis of the existing high-quality after-sales service, Delixi took the lead in establishing a large-scale customer service team in the industry with the concept of a full service cycle, and created a one-stop pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service system. This system fully integrates the information and technical resources of Delixi, and strives to provide customers with pre-sales services including business consulting, technical consulting, product selection and matching support, order information query, logistics information query, e-commerce support, etc. In-sale service and feedback, return and exchange, on-site service, suggestions and complaints, problem communication playback system and other after-sales services.

Especially in terms of after-sales service platform construction, Delixi has established a well-trained and experienced customer service team, through the commitment to customers "one call, two hours reply, 18 hours to the scene, 24 hours to complete the service" commitment , and strive to respond to customer service needs with the fastest speed, and become the best window for the company's after-sales service. Through the personal service system covering the entire business flow process, customers can truly feel the value proposition of Delixi's "customer first", truly realize the ease of purchase and use, improve customer service standards, and create value for customers.

Delixi's "customer first" service thinking is also reflected in its customer-oriented, targeted product development and supporting services. On the one hand, starting from customer needs, we carry out production and R&D in a targeted manner by understanding the real needs of customers; Embodied in the working spirit of "customer-oriented" and the work practice of "profit-making for customers", customer experience is improved in terms of communication mechanism, resource allocation, technical support, and response efficiency.

With the advent of the Internet era, driven by customer satisfaction, Delixi actively embraces the Internet in terms of service models, and is constantly carrying out technological innovation and transformation of service operation models. Through the deepening and extension of the "Double Five-Star" service quality, Delixi has successively launched a set of 400 call service centers, online consultation services on the official website information platform, smart model selection and price checking on mobile clients, online consultation applets, transparent logistics APP, A series of intelligent services such as overall solution recommendations for industry characteristics create a more convenient and personalized intelligent service system in the Internet era, which echoes and complements the offline five-star after-sales system.

Faced with the growth environment and purchasing habits of emerging consumer groups, Delixi made full use of the corporate WeChat public account, not only providing users with rich information on Delixi products and services, but also setting up an online appointment mode for the electrical industry, and developing Dejia technical service appointment WeChat platform. Users only need to use simple mobile phone operations to make an appointment for professional engineers to come directly to the service. Not only that, in order to meet the special needs of some customers, the system also provides functions such as enterprise and product related qualifications, certification update downloads, etc. The complex offline links in the past have been simplified, and many needs of users can be solved with one click, from the initial reservation service type to The post-comment and scoring form a complete closed loop of online and offline services.

Through continuous innovation, Delixi continues to simplify the service form, comprehensively upgrade the customer service experience, and lead the new transformation of consumer services in China's electrical industry.

Quality creates brand, service wins trust. In the past 40 years since its establishment, Delixi has used legal rights protection to purify the market environment of China's electrical industry, and on the other hand, it has used excellent quality and comprehensive services to polish the golden signboard of "Delixi". In the future, Delixi will continue to carry out technological innovation and change of service operation mode, explore a more personalized intelligent system in the direction of digital innovation, product development, customer service, etc., and use more reliable products, more efficient and convenient Service methods, boost consumer confidence, and protect consumer rights.

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