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DELIXI Ac contactor for home use

Publish Time: 2022-08-29 14:10:40     Author: DELIXI

This type of appliance is also called "electromagnetic" because alternating currents in the coil can create a magnetic field around it.

There are many kinds of common AC contactors: air circuit breakers, thermal relays, etc. There are single phase and three phase; There are also for special requirements such as undervoltage and overload protectors. Commonly used in industry are miniaturized structure of three-phase four-pole (five-column) vacuum arc extinguishing chamber type AC contactor and six pole double fracture plastic case circuit breaker.

Three-phase five-column vacuum arc extinguishing chamber contact system is composed of three metal sheets separated from each other, when a metal sheet in the middle is energized, the two metal sheets are in a free state, so that the upper and lower ends of a metal sheet in the middle are connected with the conductive part at both ends and the conduction circuit is formed to make the contact closed; When the middle one is energized, both conductors are disconnected and isolated from the outside world, thus ensuring the safety of people and equipment. Six - pole double - break plastic case circuit breaker has the characteristics of small volume and light weight. It is suitable for short circuit protection in small capacity lines rated for 6S ~ 10S.

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