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Delixi Electric was voted China’s Outstanding Employer in 2022

Publish Time: 2022-04-28 16:29:35     Author: DELIXI

Delixi Electric has passed rigorous practice research, defense verification and third-party audit, and won the award again.  Delixi Electric's human resource innovation strategy won the international certification award by virtue of its "temperature, high performance" corporate culture, innovative activation organization scheme and efficient incentive recognition system.  At the same time, delixi electric's human resources strategy system provides the strongest support for the company's business to achieve high growth in 2021.  

Delixi Electric always adheres to the employer brand proposition of "Grow together with care", listens to the needs of employees at all times, pays attention to the happiness of employees, actively creates a diversified working environment and an open and inclusive working atmosphere, organizes and plans colorful staff activities every year, and has realized the temperature for employees in all aspects of work and life.  At the same time, we always adhere to the temperature of customers. During the rainstorm in Zhengzhou in 2021, we immediately set up an emergency rescue team to send assistance to local customers.  In addition, Delixi Electric has been continuously practicing corporate social responsibility in the past 10 years. It has donated to build 20 Hope primary schools, forming the public welfare model of "one old and one small traditional culture" with unique enterprise characteristics, and working with employees and partners to jointly build a social responsibility ecosystem with unified values, keeping in mind the original aspiration and practicing corporate temperature.

Faith in the heart, strength at the foot.  In 2021, Delixi Electric held a series of strategic thinking cultural workshops, constantly reflect on themselves, jointly shape the vision, jointly find the value and meaning of life.  To awaken the potential and ability of every employee as the premise, to stimulate the "entrepreneurial spirit" of employees for the purpose of constantly improve creativity, win high performance.  

Culture is the nourishment of an enterprise, nourishing things silently but advancing with The Times. Only by taking culture first can we achieve lasting prosperity.  Delixi Electric, guided by the value of customer first, continues to empower employees and business partners, set up an agile organization, set up an agile team based on focusing on product categories, cultivate outstanding talents, set up a sales special zone commander, let those who hear the gunfire command the battle, and has achieved initial results;  Introduce efficient management methods, create a win-win sharing mechanism, establish enterprise hematopoietic mechanism, promote younger management team, pay attention to the improvement of employees' ability, encourage employees to grow internally;  At the same time, the establishment of Delixi Electric Academy, to create a continuous learning platform, the establishment of delixi Electric iron army that can persevere in evolution and iteration.  

With the talent management and promotion system constantly activating the agility and learning ability of the organization, the coordination and efficiency of the middle and background support department and the first-line sales team are realized, which promotes the sustained and steady performance and lays a solid foundation for the healthy and high-quality development of the enterprise.

Delixi electric always believes that enterprises have temperature, people-oriented, in order to harvest hope and future.  Through incentive mechanism and flexible management system, employees can really participate in the construction and development of the enterprise, and realize the consistency of the goals of employees and the enterprise.  

In 2021, Delixi Electric has empowered its employees and businesses with a number of incentive strategies.  First, optimize the rank system and ability model to make the career development path of employees more clear and transparent, and realize the efficiency and recognition of employee promotion mechanism;  Innovative launch of flexible welfare plan, online real-time employee value recognition and praise digital platform;  The implementation of "differentiated" compensation system, truly let high performance people get high returns, and pay attention to the differentiated and flexible compensation system to guide employees to expand business "horizontal + vertical" in-depth, constantly expand project resources, improve the scale of business, to ensure that the company's business to maintain a sustainable and stable growth.  

Winning the "China Outstanding Employer 2022" certification is not only an affirmation of delixi Electric's human resources strategy, but also a milestone on delixi Electric's long-term development road.  The culture first strategy, link activation and enabling motivation are still the focus of our human resource strategy. 2022 will be a new starting point for Delixi Electric and a key year to realize a new leap. Delixi Electric will continue to build the employer brand, make every effort to empower employees and businesses, help the sustainable growth of the enterprise, and contribute to the society.  Realize the tripartite value win-win of employees, enterprises and society! 

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