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Delixi Electric won the “Polaris Cup” Influential Photovoltaic Components and Electrical Supporting Brand Award again

Publish Time: 2022-09-28 14:53:20     Author: DELIXI

On September 23-24, the 2022 Photovoltaic New Era Forum and the 11th "Polaris Cup" Photovoltaic Influential Brand Award Ceremony came to a successful conclusion at the Nanjing Amethyst International Hotel. With strong comprehensive strength and excellent market reputation, Delixi Electric won the "Influential Photovoltaic Components and Electrical Supporting Brand" award.

The "Polaris Cup" photovoltaic influence brand selection has been carried out for 11 times so far. It is hosted by the industry's well-known vertical portal site Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network. The industry enjoys a high degree of recognition and authority. In recent years, Delixi Electric has gradually deployed new energy and new infrastructure fields, taking technological innovation as the core driving force, innovating and creating high-quality products and customized solutions to help the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry. This award is the industry's affirmation of Delixi Electric's continuous breakthroughs over the years to provide customers with high-quality products.

At present, the dual-carbon goal has entered a critical stage, and the new energy-based industry is developing rapidly and integrating into all fields of life. As a leader, innovator and innovator in China's low-voltage electrical industry, Delixi Electric actively develops, undertakes its mission, and promotes low-carbon circular development. A series of innovative management, successfully listed as "National Green Factory", vigorously develop photovoltaic projects, realize clean energy instead of non-renewable energy, achieve carbon neutrality in multiple dimensions, and won the carbon neutrality certification in May 2022.

At the same time, under the new situation of dual-carbon layout and digital development, Delixi Electric actively implements dual-carbon transformation with strong R&D capabilities and scientific and technological strength, explores and develops in the fields of power distribution intelligence, digital technology and products, and actively develops more Miniaturized, more reliable and more intelligent products, work with partners and customers to continuously explore market demand and product value, and contribute to the sustainable development of the new energy photovoltaic industry.

This time, Delixi Electric also displayed its innovative achievements in the forum and exhibition, among which a variety of customized new products for the new energy-based industry attracted a large number of delegates to stop and watch.

Among them, several blockbuster products specially customized for the photovoltaic and energy storage industries were exhibited, which were all loved and recognized by the delegates. Such as CDWNEGZ DC frame disconnect switch, equipped with higher voltage, more reliable insulation distance and obvious disconnection position, various wiring methods, to meet more application scenarios, adapt to -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ harsh photovoltaic / energy storage industry condition.

CDPV2-32(L) optical storage industry product, the melt adopts spot welding process, the breaking capacity meets 33KA (1A-20A), 20KA (25A-32A), lower functional loss, more energy saving and environmental protection, and more stable performance.

CDBNE-100GQF photovoltaic grid-connected circuit breaker, smaller in size, single-mode 18mm, effectively saves the volume in the box, adopts multi-indication design, overvoltage and undervoltage protection and automatic reclosing, which can easily identify the fault state.

Facing the national dual carbon goal, the new energy photovoltaic market will be an important development direction in the future. Delixi Electric will closely follow the market demand, shoulder the mission of "navigator, innovator, and changer", actively implement the concept of sustainable development, adhere to innovative development, empower partners with high-quality products and solutions, and create long-term value. Helping energy development and transformation, boosting the implementation of the dual-carbon goal, and creating a new trend of high-standard and high-quality development of China's low-voltage electrical industry.

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