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Delxi Electric and Zhengzhou GEPLEADER to Help Qatar World Cup Power Guarantee

Publish Time: 2022-11-29 16:39:21     Author: DELIXI

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar officially kicked off on Nov 21 (Beijing time), and the "visual feast" that football fans around the world have been waiting for is in full swing. In addition to the exciting battle of the gods, the "Made in China" behind the World Cup has also attracted much attention. Chinese elements can be seen everywhere on and off the pitch. Chinese enterprises are involved in stadium construction, power security and other aspects.

Hosting a World Cup-level football event also requires a reliable and powerful power supply system behind it. This World Cup, Delxi Electric and Zhengzhou Yufa (GEPLEADER), together with Yuchai Machinery to provide 153 generator sets to light up Qatar, at the same time with a professional engineer team resident on site, to ensure the stable operation of power supply during the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

153 sets supporting Yuchai YC6TD/YC6C series generators, equipped with Delxi Electric universal circuit breaker, suitable for 600kw/800kw generator set equipment, in venues, hotels, accommodation places and other places, continue to provide stable power supply output for Qatar World Cup.

Among them, Delxi Electric's new 6 series - CDW6i universal circuit breaker with excellent product performance, not afraid of high temperature sand and other harsh conditions, for the generator power system to provide reliable protection, ultra-long life full load operation without pressure, help the safe operation of power generation equipment, perfect to meet the World Cup power supply demand.

At the same time, implementing the concept of green development, adding impetus to a low-carbon future and contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind is a major strategic project to promote more resilient global development. The logistics equipment used to support the Qatar World Cup will be donated to some African countries and regions after the World Cup, to provide more people in need with continuous support, and to spread the temperature to every corner of the world.

More and more "Chinese elements" are shining brightly on the World Cup stage. China's new development also provides new opportunities for the world. Delxi Electric has always been a strong product strength, together with various industries customers, take on the role of Chinese enterprises, help more Chinese enterprises to go out, draw a new global blueprint!

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