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Digital Intelligence Innovation Leads the Industry | DELIXI Electric Won the Title of “Provincial Smart Factory in 2023”

Publish Time: 2023-04-25 16:15:04     Author: DELIXI

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province announced the "Notice of the Office of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province on Carrying out the Telegraph Work of Smart Workshop and Smart Factory in Henan Province in 2023", and Delixi Electric Puyang Base won the "2023 Provincial Smart Factory ". The title not only demonstrates Delixi Electric's outstanding intelligent manufacturing strength, but also is an authoritative affirmation of its lean production and intelligent management.

Continue to Innovate and Move Forward to Lead the Development of the Industry

At present, smart factories have become the general trend of modern industry and manufacturing industry, and have risen to the national level. "Made in China 2025" clearly pointed out that the promotion of smart manufacturing should be the main direction.

Delixi Electric actively responds to the call of the country, insists on innovation as the core of enterprise development, conducts systematic management around the product life cycle, and relies on intelligent manufacturing technology, modern sensor technology, automation technology, network technology, and artificial intelligence technology to make smart home The production equipment is more intelligent. Through intelligent perception, human-computer interaction and other methods, the deep integration and development of intelligent technology, information technology and production technology are realized, leading the high-quality development of the industry.

Cutting-Edge Intelligent Manufacturing Technology to Build Core Competitiveness

As a smart factory of smart manufacturing, Delixi Electric is supported by network interconnection, based on end-to-end data flow, and takes the intelligence of key links as the core to achieve lean production, smart manufacturing, and create high-quality products.


Delixi Electric integrates intelligent control into various links such as prenatal prevention, midpartum monitoring and postpartum analysis


Automatic collection of real-time production data to reduce manual entry


In order to achieve transparent management and eliminate the "black box" of production management, Delixi Electric shortens the product development cycle, reduces operating costs, and reduces resource and energy consumption.

Committed to improving the core competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing while improving production efficiency.

Multi-Dimensional Efforts in Digital Construction to Improve Management Efficiency

In addition, as an industry leader, Delixi Electric, relying on the advantages of its own scientific management system, through the introduction of various systems such as E-MES manufacturing execution, QMS quality management and EHS intelligent cloud security management, realizes the enterprise in equipment management, Digital management of production planning, cost control, quality control, procurement and sales, customer service, etc. ensures the safety of the production environment and helps improve the efficiency of enterprise management.

At present, the large screen of the management system of Delixi Electric Workshop Service Center can collect and share all kinds of information system information in the production area in real time, and realize product traceability, warehousing and logistics, integration of production, supply and marketing, equipment and personnel management, The implementation of production decisions, etc., further enhance the utilization ability of enterprise data development, and continuously accelerate the interactive innovation and continuous improvement of technology, business process and organizational structure.

In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to focus on intelligence and digitalization, continuously improve the R&D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities of the company's products, enhance the overall competitiveness of the company, further promote the construction of smart factories, and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy and contribute to the intelligent development of the industry.

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