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Entering Delixi,Interpret the legend behind the switch

Publish Time: 2022-10-07 15:35:12     Author: DELIXI

Wuhu, when it comes to this city, it can be seen literally that this is a place where landscapes are connected.

For more than 40 years, countless companies have been here, and they are developed by the water and developed by the Yangtze River.

Delixi, a company that originated in Zhejiang. How does it lay out, absorb strengths in different places, and play their strength on this land?

Today, let's walk into the story behind Delixi.Look at the counterattack of a Wenzhou businessman,
the entrepreneurship of Wenzhou tailor, and explore the development context of the enterprise on this land.


 The birth of Delixi also started from the establishment of the Establishment Plant in Yueqing in 1984.At that time,China's electrical industry was in the development period.The market of low -voltage electrical appliances has been occupied by state -owned enterprises.

foreign -funded enterprises,and countless "small scattered" workshops. You may not expect that a young tailor squeezed into this track.

He is Hu Chengzhong.Chairman of the Board of Delixi Group and Chairman of Delixi Electric.

 In the early days of entrepreneurship, difficulties got everywhere. At that time, when mentioned Wenzhou, everyone's impression was not very good.

The proliferation of fake and shoddy products allows everyone to have a natural distrust here.

This is undoubtedly a big problem in front of a company in the early stages of development.

How to break the deadlock? You can only speak by the quality of the product.

Don't think a small relay product is small, the production requirements are very strict. You must have a laboratory to get the production license.

And the construction investment in a laboratory requires 300,000. A big money. But Hu Chengzhong still had a big risk.

Hu Chengzhong said that since he has taken this road, he must dare to continue.

It is this move that has allowed Yueqing  Jingyi Plant embarked on a formal path. At the same time, in Wenzhou in the 1990s,the fire that burned fake and shoddy also made more companies firm the determination to establish an enterprise with quality.


From the beginning of hand -assembled switch factory, to Delixi, a large factory with multiple production lines. Many Chinese enterprises have become higher and higher automated.

The degree of automation is high, and the products produced will be relatively reliable.

Hu Chengzhong said that the marketization of electrical products is very strong. Customers want to buy things that are good and cheap.

This requires companies to continue to innovate and update products and technological iterations.


The rapid development of Delixi also attracted the cooperation of global electrical giants-Schneider Electric. In 2007, the two companies jointly established a joint venture——Delixi Electric.

This also means that no one has absolute control.There is no doubt that this governance structure has certain challenges.When I encounter differences, who is the final say?

Although there were some doubts at the time, it turned out that the cooperation between the two parties has been very happy since the joint venture,and so far the annual sales of Delixi Electric have increased five or six times over the beginning of the establishment.This governance structure of the company has also become a typical business case in the industry


Today, Delixe Electric, as a focus on power distribution electrical business, automated industrial control
Home Electric Company. In the industry, occupying a more important position.

What kind of company is competitive? Hu Chengzhong said that the bigger the company isn't the better.
It is definitely necessary to follow the road of professionalism. The electrical is always the main business of Delixi.

Competitive companies should first make their main business so that they can be competitive with globalization. Sustainable and can grow up high.

Only by adhering to deep cultivation in one field can we have the ability to compete with other large companies in the world.

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