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Excellent Performance in the Electrical Field, the P606E Series Digital Display Meter Make its Debut!

Publish Time: 2023-02-21 13:27:18     Author: DELIXI

What are the conditions for a "perfect" digital display?

It requires high precision and can withstand complex usage scenarios.

It needs stable performance and is not afraid of all kinds of interference.

It needs to be easy to use, and humanized operation can be more convenient.

With a higher standard, Delixi Electric has forged a new P*606E series digital display meter, which is more beautiful, more reliable, more convenient and safer. This product series can be applied to various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems, ranging from switch cabinets, community power monitoring, to substation automation, distribution network automation, and can be easily handled.

New Design, Beautiful and Generous

High resolution large screen design, wide viewing range.

LED or LCD display, intuitive and clear, more beautiful.

Accurate Measurement, Reliable Performance

With CNAS calibration certificate and many other patents, it has high accuracy, high resolution and strong overload capacity.

It supports measurement of various electrical parameters such as current, voltage, and energy, 2~31 harmonic monitoring, and multi-channel switching input and output (DI/DO).

Covers four remote functions: remote signaling, remote control, remote telemetry, and remote adjustment.

Complete Specifications, Easy Operation

Variety complete, a variety of specifications.

The installation size is easy to choose and the model is easy to replace.

The control terminal adopts pluggable terminal blocks, which is more convenient for wiring.

Multiple Protections, Safe and Secure

The protection level of the panel is IP52, waterproof and dustproof.

It adopts PC+ABS flame-retardant material shell, which reaches the quality level of the State Grid watch.

The double-layer thickened dust-proof button design prevents static electricity from breaking down the internal circuit board.

With multi-dimensional upgrades and accurate measurement, the P*606E series digital display meters have multiple advantages to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.

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