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For Many Years in a Row! Delixi Electric Won Three CAIMRS Awards in 2023

Publish Time: 2023-02-28 13:35:59     Author: DELIXI

On February 24th, the 2023 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference with the theme of "Strengthening Digital Intelligence and Developing New Industries" was grandly held at the Hilton Hotel in Suzhou, bringing together well-known experts and leading companies in the industry to jointly focus on the "post-epidemic" Discussion on the macro environment and market changes of the times. Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, Ruan Tao, Vice President of R&D, Gu Hongxiu, General Manager of Industrial Control Division, and Qiu Yingji, General Manager of Shanghai Tianyi Electric, were invited to attend the meeting.

At the same time, the meeting also released the 2023 Automation + Digitalization Top 50 Brand Rankings, Delixi Electric was listed on the 2023 Automation + Digitalization Top 50 Brands, and won the CAIMRS Annual Industry Leader and Automation Innovation Product Award.

Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, said after being awarded CAIMRS annual industry leader <

"In 2022, we have experienced multiple pressures such as demand contraction and supply shocks. I have always had confidence in the Chinese economy. Facing the industry cycle, Delixi Electric has also seized opportunities amid challenges and responded to the external environment with its own certainty. Uncertainty. Focus on self-development, accumulate innovative research and development, and refine products and solutions. At the same time, vigorously promote digital transformation and create a sticky and win-win industrial chain ecosystem. ' attitude to lead the sustainable development of the industry."

Innovative R&D Empowers Industry Transformation

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the requirements for products are higher. Delixi Electric builds its core competitiveness from multiple dimensions such as R&D innovation, quality control, and product segmentation, and actively develops and produces efficient, reliable, and high-quality smart products, and has successively segmented in new energy, OEM machinery manufacturing, electric power, construction, etc. The industry has launched innovative green and sustainable development solutions to effectively solve customer pain points, empower partners in the whole industry to transform together, and create a new industrial ecology.

Gu Hongxiu, General Manager of the Industrial Control Division, took the stage to accept the award on behalf of the company

Knight series products cover industrial control and power distribution products such as contactors, frequency converters, indicator lights, miniature circuit breakers, etc., and have been providing customers with high-quality products to ensure the stable operation of the system. This time, the award-winning Knight series CDLD6H indicator light has a precise insight into the needs of the current industrial market. The color and brightness of the light source have undergone a lot of market research, which is more in line with the needs of the market and customers.

At the same time, the industry's unique bottom color ring is added to cooperate with hidden terminal blocks, which is safer and more beautiful. It can work in an environment of -25°C~55°C (no icing), and is equipped with V0 flame retardant grade as standard, and meets IP65 protection grade, with stronger safety protection. Φ22 is equipped with anti-interference level (AC28/DC40V) as standard, and other anti-interference levels can be customized, making model selection more convenient. Knight series CDLD6H indicators are widely used in automation equipment, water pumps, new energy and other usage scenarios, providing stronger protection and boosting the high-quality development of the industry.

Digitally Building a Sustainable Future

In 2022, China's economy will go down, the industry will enter a cycle, and uncertainties will increase. Delixi Electric will seize opportunities in the "danger" and "opportunity", actively respond, embrace new ideas, and continue to explore the high-quality development path of enterprise digital transformation . Based on green and low-carbon, build a "green zero-carbon factory" first, build a digital agile supply chain, and realize collaborative design, agile supply, flexible manufacturing, Fast delivery. At the same time, Delixi Electric deeply integrates innovative technology and application scenarios to realize the digitization of the entire process, life cycle, and scenarios.

At the same time, Delixi Electric focuses on market demand, based on the digital upgrade of core products, realizes the full life cycle control of products through "one product, one code", continues to deepen the development of carbon-neutral paths for products, and enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises. Through the "WMS system", logistics informatization and real-time visualization are realized, and customer experience and satisfaction are improved in an all-round way. Realize future market operation guidance for partners, and provide customers with accurate service matching, realize the effective combination of three-party win-win lean and total quality management, and continuously create value for customers.


In the face of new opportunities for industry reform, Delixi Electric will always take green and digital transformation and upgrading as the beacon, use innovation as the engine to develop products and solutions, rely on the industrial chain ecosystem, and aim at sustainable development. The market continues to inject vitality, leading the development of the low-voltage electrical industry.

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