Hand in Hand to Open a New Yuan and Start a New Chapter Side by Side, DELIXI Electric Visited SEARI for a Visit And Exchange

Publish Time: 2023-03-27 14:13:21     Author: DELIXI

On March 23, Lou Feng, CEO of DELIXI Electric, together with Ruan Tao, Vice President of R&D, Liu Linyan, Vice President of Human Resources, Qiu Yingji, General Manager of Tianyi Electric and other core management teams, visited Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. for a visit and discussion comminicate. Yin Tianwen, the rotating president of Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Ji Huiyu, the special adviser to the president, and other leaders warmly received the DELIXI Electric team. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the general situation of the low-voltage electrical industry, the future development trend of technology and standards, and the future cooperation and development of the company.

After the visit, the DELIXI Electric team first visited SEARI's exhibition hall, as well as laboratories for electrical appliances, new energy, and robotics, and had an in-depth understanding of SEARI's technical strength, R&D achievements, and future development trends. Under the background of green and intelligentization, SEARI has carried out a series of special technical researches around the new power distribution and consumption system under the double carbon, and has organized industry enterprises to carry out common technical research, development of special market circuit breakers and standard formulation and revision Work.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Yin Tianwen once again expressed his warm welcome to the visit of the DELIXI Electric team: "SEARI and DELIXI Electric have maintained exchanges and cooperation for many years, and the two sides have established a deep friendship. With the low-carbon digital With the arrival of the new pattern of transformation and development, the exchanges between the two parties have become more diversified and in-depth, and we look forward to working together to further promote the new development trend of the low-voltage electrical industry in the future." Subsequently, Liu Yi, general manager of the intelligent electrical system business department, introduced "the development trend and prospect of the low-voltage electrical industry ". Huang Jingye, deputy general manager of the smart electrical system business department, also shared about "standards and testing under the double carbon policy".

Mr. Lou Feng also introduced the recent development and future direction of DELIXI Electric. He said: "The company will continue to be committed to innovative research and development, with green and digitalization as the future development direction, actively explore new business models and fields, and continuously improve the enterprise. Competitiveness, as a 'navigator, changer, and person in charge', leads the industry to explore new paths for high-quality development. At the same time, continue to deepen, strengthen, and expand cooperation with SEARI, entering a new stage."

In the exchange session between the two parties, the leadership team of DELIXI Electric and the expert team of SEARI had heated discussions on technology, market, management and other aspects. Based on the national strategy and policy orientation, as well as the future opportunities and challenges of the low-voltage electrical industry, the two parties agreed that they should further strengthen in-depth cooperation in market and technology research, standard research and formulation, testing and certification, and vigorously develop green intelligence. Contribute to the realization of my country's dual carbon targets.

Gathering development strength and helping the transformation and upgrading of the industry, DELIXI Electric hopes to take this visit as an opportunity to broaden the cooperation channel with SEARI, promote exchanges and mutual learning with SEARI, and explore new low-voltage electrical technologies with an open and common prosperity attitude. Channels and new paths will promote the prosperity and development of the new ecology of China's low-voltage electrical industry.

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