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Harvard Business Review | Delixi Electric’s Smart Start to A New Ecology, A Strong Foundation to Win the Future Case Selection

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On December 8, 2022, at the Future Management Conference hosted by the Chinese version of "Harvard Business Review", the Fourth "Annual Excellence in Management Award" was grandly unveiled. After 6 months of selection, 16 excellent local management practice cases stood out and won the "Excellent Management Award".

The winning cases of the 4th "Excellent Management Award" come from different industries and fields. But they have all successfully found their own unique value in this era when no one can determine the direction: they either master digital empowerment, or open up a new competitive track, or enhance brand strength, or win overseas markets. In this ongoing commercial upheaval, they are striving to build themselves, becoming the leader of the future industrial revolution, the creator of emerging industries, and the creator of the future order.

Starting this week, we will share some outstanding award-winning cases with our readers. It is hoped that their successful practice can inspire more companies and managers, and help aspirants to explore and break through the current era of volatility.

This case is the 09th case selected in the 4th "Excellence in Management Award" of "Harvard Business Review".


In 2007, Schneider Electric, a Fortune 500 company in the world, and Delixi Group, a Fortune 500 company in China, joined forces to establish a Sino-French joint venture company, Delixi Electric. Delixi Electric not only combines the strong domestic sales network of Delixi Group, but also absorbs the international leading technology and company management system and system of Schneider Electric. After several years of development, Delixi Electric has continuously absorbed international advanced technology, scientific research results and management experience. Its business covers the three major fields of power distribution electrical, industrial control automation, and household electrical. It has 4 major automated production bases and 15 logistics centers across the country. Center, more than 1,000 first-level dealers, and more than 60,000 offline stores. At the same time, Delixi Electric has an overseas presence, with business in 60 countries and regions around the world, bringing excellent products and high-quality services to global customers.

Strong Foundation Strategy Drives Sustainable Growth

In order to achieve sustainable growth, Delixi Electric launched a strong foundation plan. Through a diverse and open channel system, complete the transformation from extensive to intensive, and work together with partners and customers to create a new ecosystem of the industrial chain; at the same time, Delixi Electric vigorously promotes digital transformation and upgrading, focusing on creating a digital smart supply chain and realizing channel The excellent management on the Internet helps itself and its partners to better develop their business.

As Mr. Lou Feng, President of Delixi Electric, said: "The strong foundation plan is derived from the core value of Delixi Electric's 'customer first' and the new five-year market strategy. We hope to integrate market resources through the strong foundation plan. To promote the refinement and specialization of market management and achieve sustainable high-quality development, we hope to use a strong foundation as the core to help customers and partners grow their businesses and jointly open a new ecology of China's low-voltage electrical industry chain."

Therefore, Delixi Electric closely follows the market demand and requires all functional departments of the enterprise to be customer-oriented, fully support and empower the business, and promptly propose solutions to core business issues to create real value for customers. At the same time, the enterprise always listens to the needs of the market and customers, improves the overall level of the supply chain in all aspects, and creates an inclusive and endless new enterprise ecology with users and partners.

As the country's "3060" dual-carbon goals have entered a critical development stage, Delixi Electric practices the concept of green development, builds a new green and low-carbon digital scene with "smart manufacturing + clean production", and actively assumes social responsibility for sustainable development. In order to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency, Delixi Electric continues to invest in upgrading and transforming the production lines of the four major automated production bases, and realizes annual savings through innovative management of production line construction, system architecture, process design and technology, and intelligent manufacturing. The electric energy is 7.85 million KWH, and the energy consumption of products has dropped by more than 20%. It has created the first five-star zero-carbon factory of China's domestic low-voltage electrical brand, which has greatly improved the ability of green and sustainable development, and has become an industry benchmark in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Delixi Electric also establishes a smart energy master control platform in the park, vigorously develops photovoltaic projects and green circular economy, builds solar photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic parking lots and electric forklift charging stations on the roof of the factory, and uses clean energy instead of non-renewable energy. Fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power and renewable energy, realize the active distribution network, and transition to the smart grid. In 2021, Delixi Electric was awarded the "National Green Factory" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, passed the "Carbon Neutral Certification" in 2022, and won the first "Five-Star Zero Carbon Factory" certification of China's low-voltage electric domestic brand in 2023.

Continuous Innovation to Build Core Competitiveness

In the final analysis, market competition is product competition, but also competition between industrial chains. For this reason, Delixi Electric always puts scientific and technological innovation at the top of enterprise development, continues to increase investment in research and development, and uses the post-doctoral scientific research workstation as a research and development platform to form an expert team; application, forming an independent innovation and development system, and has been recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" for many years through the CNAS enterprise laboratory, which ranks among the best in the industry, and has successively won the "Satellite Project" of DEKRA Dekai, Intertek Tianxiang Group, and the authorization of Rhine TÜV and other laboratory qualifications are recognized, the total number of valid patents is more than 1,400, and it has won 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. Delixi Electric has successively launched star series products such as Navigator series, new 6 series, and New Era series, as well as the Knight series, which sets the industry benchmark, all of which have been unanimously recognized by the market.

In the "dual carbon" future and the new situation of digitalization, low-voltage electrical appliances are bound to usher in new changes. Delixi Electric took the lead in exploring a new path for the development of digital energy, and actively deployed in the fields of intelligent power distribution, digital technology and products. In terms of product design, adjust the product structure, actively develop high value-added, low power consumption and more intelligent power distribution products, and take the lead in deploying new energy, new infrastructure, energy storage, photovoltaics and other emerging fields, and develop digital MCB and terminal intelligent distribution Through the cloud platform to realize product interconnection and remote control, it helps customers in various industries to transform and upgrade intelligently and greenly, and achieve sustainable and high-quality development.

At the same time, Delixi Electric vigorously promotes digital transformation and upgrading, focusing on building a digital intelligent supply chain. With the help of digital technology, through one item, one code and product carbon footprint, Delixi Electric has realized the full life cycle tracking and visual management of products.

In the warehousing part, the company realizes the whole process of computer control by equipped with intelligent operating systems such as AS/AR and ASS, so as to comprehensively improve the operation efficiency. Through the WMS system, the refined storage location management and logistics informatization and visualization are realized. In the logistics link, Delixi Electric has established a central three-dimensional warehouse with the ERP system as the core, and has deployed more than 15 distributed logistics centers across the country. Regional customers can obtain relatively abundant goods from the nearest warehouse in the region, reducing the timeliness of transportation and improving the experience. On the sales side, a CRM system is used for real-time sales forecasting, sales project management, and all business data on the entire channel side; supplemented by a BI system, business data is analyzed to better understand the sales situation and realize channel The benign and coordinated development of business and industry.

In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of users, Delixi Electric has established online platforms such as Deyigou and e-Diangong to accurately reach users, regularly launch online benefits, enrich marketing models and scenarios, and continuously improve product layout through user feedback. Adjustment to better meet customer needs and achieve full-scenario improvement of manufacturing and services.

Empowering the Ecosystem for Symbiosis and Win-Win

Just like the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, the boundaries between traditional industries are gradually melting today. The industry has coupled a flexible supply system for the common user needs and created a brand system that directly faces customers, which has become the key to grasping the development direction of the new era. Lou Feng, president of Delixi Electric, believes that creating a win-win situation with partners and jointly building a sustainable industrial chain ecosystem with orderly competition and healthy coordination will become the core of answering the problems of this era.

Delixi Electric, which has won the "Outstanding Employer in China" for three consecutive years, in addition to continuous internal empowerment, is also on the basis of continuously satisfying the value of user experience. Enterprises need to realize the value-added sharing of participating partners and customers, and create more User experience iterations realize an infinite loop of value. To this end, Delixi Electric holds an online learning platform - Delixi Electric Academy, which provides the latest products and solutions for new energy, new infrastructure, 5G communication power supply, photovoltaic energy storage and other industries, so that partners can have a deeper understanding Learn about it. Partners can choose courses independently on the platform, learn for free, and obtain course certificates; the platform also regularly organizes offline activities such as electrician skill competitions and offline study sessions to improve partners in all aspects from skills and professional knowledge, and realize mutual benefits with partners. win.

As a leading company in China's low-voltage electrical industry, Delixi Electric resonates with the times at the same frequency and shoulders corporate social responsibilities. Since its establishment, Delixi Electric has joined hands with the upstream and downstream ecosystems of the industrial chain to continuously donate to build 20 Hope Primary Schools, and regularly 100 visits to nursing homes. Jointly organize education and poverty alleviation activities with partners, and continue to gather and absorb social resources and positive energy. So far, 50 distributors and partners and 30 suppliers have been rated as model enterprises of social responsibility.

By actively empowering the industrial chain ecosystem, continuously promoting product innovation, implementing green and intelligent manufacturing, and practicing corporate social responsibility, Delixi Electric fulfills the role of "leader, innovator, and changer" in China's low-voltage electrical industry, based on the essence of manufacturing , continue to promote the creation of a value cycle system, work with partners to build a new ecology of Chinese brands, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the Chinese economy.

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