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Industrial Navigation, Cavaliers Seding | Delixi Electric’s “Cavaliers Hundred Days Trip” event ended perfectly!

Publish Time: 2022-11-02 16:24:11     Author: DELIXI

Adhering to the service concept of "customer first", since early July, Delixi Electric's technical experts have visited OEM industry partners across the country and have conducted deep communication and experience with them on the Delixi Electric Knight series products and industry solutions.

Delician Electric has always been guided by improving customer experience, insight into the potential needs of the industry, practicing quality ingenuity, adhering to the original service of service, committed to providing more efficient product solutions, developing more application scenarios, and continuously creating value for industry customers.

Among them, the "product disassembly" session has become the highlight of this event. Through the disassembly of Delixi Electric Technology experts, the engineers of the participants can witness the structure analysis of the components of the Delixi Electric Cavaliers series products and the real materials  , Reveal the advanced technical and quality characteristics of the Cavaliers series.

In addition to the strong product strength, in this Cavaliers' 100 -day trip, Delixi Electric Engineers once again reflected the professionalism and temperature of the service. In response to the customer's questions and various technical problems in use, engineers responded positively and answered in detail on the spot to solve the doubts and difficulties in use for partners.

At the same time, Delixi Electric actively responded to customer needs, customized and upgraded the product in a targeted manner, further helped partners to improve the reliability of equipment and systems, and escorted various types of electricity venues.

Smooth technology support, high -quality service win belief! Since its going on the market, the Cavaliers series has created a good reputation with the excellent results of almost zero Customer Complaint, which has had a strong impact on leading industry clusters . More and more partners have joined the "Cavaliers" guardian ...

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