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Intelligent Factory — Delixi Electric Green Intelligent Manufacturing Leads the “Double Carbon” New Future

Publish Time: 2022-04-26 16:25:40     Author: DELIXI

As delixi electric industry leader, always with the national development TongPinGongZhen, in wenzhou, wuhu, puyang, on the basis of three automatic production bases, positive response national policy based on manufacturing essence, closely intelligent characteristics, process and equipment as the core, based on the data, relying on the manufacturing unit, workshop, factory, supply chain, such as the carrier,  We will build an intelligent manufacturing system that integrates reality with reality, is knowledge-driven, dynamically optimized, safe, efficient, green and low-carbon, and help China's manufacturing industry realize digital transformation, network collaboration and intelligent transformation.  

One production line is orderly arranged, AGV automatic transport vehicles shuttle back and forth, a mechanical arm equipped with visual sensors dance flexibly, assembling precision workpiece......  From the traditional manual manufacturing upgrade to automated production, Delixi Electric early layout.  

In 2012, Delixi Electric promoted intelligent operation system, guided by market demand, invested to build a world advanced digital transparent factory -- Delixi Electric Wuhu Industrial Park.  At the same time, Delixi Electric Wenzhou, Liushi Industrial park is also constantly intelligent transformation and upgrading, from the first automated assembly line online, to constantly upgraded intelligent equipment to make the production process more "smart", the key product line capacity increased by more than 50%.  Delixi Electric through the perfect combination of artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing, gradually build up the overall automation rate of 70%, key product line automation rate of 97% digital production base, successfully intelligent manufacturing throughout the RESEARCH and development, manufacturing, testing and storage and other links, with the help of mobile Internet technology,  Realize the product from the manufacturing, inventory, sales and use of the whole process of tracking and visual experience.  

In the face of ever-changing market demand, Delixi Electric expands flexible production delivery capacity with digital twin force, optimizes design, builds integrated agile supply chain management system and integrated digital platform, through the support and series of SAP, WMS, MES and other systems,  Realize the vertical integration of manufacturing, production and logistics to the horizontal integration of the value chain of demand feedback, R&D, production and sales.  

Production and manufacturing, through 5 g, the Internet of things, such as the Internet communication and the application of network technology, realization of key technology in the process of producing equipment information connectivity and integration between applications, set up production process data acquisition and analysis system, realize the production schedule, site operation, quality inspection, equipment status, material transfer production field data upload automatically,  And the realization of visual management, so that the plan and actual completion of the factory at a glance, to achieve "information, digital, visualization" smart factory.  

The automation degree of delixi Electric is equipped with AS/AR, ASS and other intelligent operating systems to realize the whole process of computer control, greatly speeding up the flow of information, improve the accuracy of inventory.

At the logistics end, on the basis of the central three-dimensional warehouse with ERP system as the core, the industrial control tower industrial Internet system has been built to create a transparent logistics APP. Combined with the industry-leading logistics network and a variety of distribution modes, logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction have been greatly improved.  

With the integration and development of 5G technology, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies and manufacturing industry, it will vigorously promote the interconnection of traditional manufacturing enterprises from design, manufacturing to supply chain coordination, and help the digital transformation of manufacturing industry in the industrial Internet era.  As an important infrastructure for intelligent manufacturing, smart factory has become the strength backing for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry from "Made in China" to "Smart Made in China".  Intelligent delixi electric will accelerate the transformation and upgrading, accelerate building low-carbon clean, safe and efficient digital green industrial structure, at the same time can assign industrial chain upstream and downstream, the "digital" and "low carbon", in the tide of the era of big a lot with the attitude of industry pioneer in the industry, for the development of Chinese high quality strong kinetic energy release of low voltage electrical industry.  

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