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Knights Have Added New Members! Brand-New Switching Power Supply Series Products Arrive, Push Industrial Control Industry Low-Carbon Development With Strong Strength

Publish Time: 2023-05-15 15:31:53     Author: DELIXI

As an important infrastructure for the country to achieve intelligent and green development, new infrastructure is helping the whole society to operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly. Industries such as energy storage, charging piles, and lithium battery equipment are developing rapidly under the promotion of dual carbon targets. However, to ensure the normal operation of equipment in these industries, a reliable power supply system is an indispensable part.

With the increasing requirements for electrical energy and power supply continuity of electrical equipment, CDLR6H&CDDR6H switching power supply, a new member of the DELIXI Electric Knight family, has emerged as the times require, and is widely used in industrial control industries and new energy-based related industries. From many aspects, it is comprehensive Optimize and upgrade "Knight Power"!

01  Exquisite Design, Perfect Protection Equipment Operation

Taking the equipment requirements of the energy storage industry as an example, energy storage equipment needs to run stably and reliably for a long time, so the quality requirements for the switching power supply in the power distribution system are relatively high, and there are higher requirements for its stability, reliability and safety. The Knight series CDDR6H switching power supply is fully upgraded, with a power range of 75~480W. It is designed with a narrow surface and adopts a metal shell, which is more durable.

At the same time, the honeycomb heat dissipation holes on the product have high structural strength and good heat dissipation performance, which can perfectly adapt to hot and high temperature usage scenarios, and provide high-quality product guarantee for industry customers.

In view of the difficult wiring and installation problems encountered by users when installing the product, the CDDR6H switching power supply has also undergone a structural upgrade, fully optimizing the product wiring method, input and output, one end of the line, and one end of the line, making wiring more convenient. At the same time, it adopts guide rails The installation design greatly improves the installation efficiency, and the installation is more convenient and faster.

02  Ultra-High Performance, Lower Power Consumption And More User-Friendly

For new energy equipment, energy storage equipment, power distribution systems, charging piles, lithium battery equipment, etc., the switching power supply in the power distribution system needs to have stable output voltage and current to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and stable power generation. The quality requirements of the switching power supply in the system are relatively high, and the CDLR6H ultra-thin switching power supply integrates overload, short circuit, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection in one body, and the protection is complete. At the same time, the operating environment of -30°C~+70°C can be customized according to customer needs temperature. Far better than the standard requirements, it can be adapted to a variety of usage scenarios

CDLR6H ultra-thin switching power supply runs through the design with the concept of green energy saving, MOS tube high-power drive, high efficiency and energy saving, the efficiency is as high as 89%, the no-load power consumption is as low as 0.2~1W, and the power specification of 35~350W is provided, which is more integrated into the humanized design, and the LED indication directly reflects the working status of the product.

At the same time, the product is designed with a thickness of 30mm, which is smaller in size and more convenient to install. Compared with general products in the market, it can save 20%~40% of installation space, and truly help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

● ● ● 

DELIXI Electric has intensively researched and optimized its products, and continues to bring more excellent new knight members to customers in various industries. In the future, the Knight family will continue to innovate, bring more excellent products, flexibly match a variety of scenarios, not fear voltage challenges, operate safely and stably, and help customers in various industries to achieve sustainable development of their own businesses.

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