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Make Every Effort to Develop the Economy- Delixi Chairman Hu Chengzhong: I Experienced the “sweet potato economy” and Have Something to Share

Publish Time: 2023-02-03 11:44:22     Author: DELIXI

Unique Perspective丨Hu Chengzhong Narration

I came out of Wenzhou in 1977 to "run supply and marketing". At that time, people from Wenzhou like me who traveled all over the country were known as "a hundred thousand supply and marketing army". At that time, I felt that only a vast world can capture business opportunities and make business. Many people around me are also like me. They struggled outside, broadened their horizons, accumulated market contacts and funds, and finally returned to their hometown to achieve their careers. The process of Wenzhou people leaving Wenzhou and returning to Wenzhou is a vivid interpretation of the "sweet potato economy".

In fact, as early as 2002, we were considering the national layout. Facing this change, we had many assumptions and concerns. After several discussions, encouraged by all parties, we have strengthened our direction, not only to seize the national market, but also to seize the international market. After careful consideration, we decided to go out and put the R&D headquarters and marketing headquarters in Shanghai, which is more conducive to the long-term development of the company.

Facts have proved that when I went out, I realized that the sky is so big. We established a joint venture with Schneider to establish Delixi Electric, which opened up the global market at once. But this is not the biggest gain. About 20 years ago, we negotiated at the Schneider factory in Germany and found that their factory area was less than one-tenth of ours, but 385 workers could produce more than 5,500 kinds of products. This kind of impact made us invest heavily in technical and intelligent transformation very early on. From catching up to leading, adapting to the changing needs of the market, we are now building a world-class "lighthouse factory".

Expand opening up and move in accordance with the situation. In recent years, we have actively integrated into the Yangtze River Delta to meet the needs of talents and markets. We have established a dual headquarters structure in Wenzhou and Shanghai to meet the needs of production and land elements. We have built 5 major electrical industry bases across the country, and the company's layout network has been fully expanded. . With the optimization and adjustment of the national epidemic prevention and control policy, we have already felt that 2023 is a new year for the market to recover in an all-round way. What we have to do is to continue to adhere to intelligent manufacturing, seize opportunities, and create more leaders in subdivided fields.

In the past, we went out to absorb nutrients, but now it is time to bear fruit. Over the past 20 years, Delixi's annual revenue has increased tenfold. Our "vines" have extended to the whole country and the world, but the "roots" have always germinated. Judging from our report data, we have continued to increase investment in our hometown of Yueqing, and built a first-class intelligent Hutou Park, sharing lean production, quality management, the latest technology trends and solutions in the industry with upstream and downstream enterprises, and coordinating the development of the industrial chain. About 70% of revenue, 40% of output value, and 60% of tax payment are in Yueqing.

As an entrepreneur, from an emotional point of view, I sincerely hope that my hometown will develop better and better, and I am willing to make my due contribution; from a career point of view, I also very much agree with and trust the business environment in "Zhejiang" . Zhejiang implements the "No. 1 Reform Project" to optimize and upgrade the business environment, Wenzhou creates a "two health" pilot zone in the new era, and Yueqing sets the 11th of each month as "Service Day for Enterprises"... I can feel that the government will create The optimal business environment has been placed as the top priority, which makes us more confident.

Today, what enterprises need to do is to broaden their thinking and plan their development paths, and adjust their strategies in a timely manner at different stages of entrepreneurship and business development, so that the enterprise system can develop dynamically. It’s like wearing clothes. Can a 5-year-old’s clothes still be worn by a 15-year-old? Is it still fashionable?

The industry is not solid, and the sky is shaking. What the manufacturing industry has to do is to resist the temptation, focus on the main business, open up and invigorate, and go far. We are confident to absorb more nutrients and continue to nourish and grow the root of our main business.

Creative Thinking丨Reporter Observation

The extension of vines is a means of opening, and the tuber can grow thicker and bigger is the goal of opening.

The development of Delixi is like this, and so is the growth of a region.

Wherever there are people, there are Wenzhou people. This widely circulated saying expresses the deep-seated spirit of "chasing the tide" in the bones of more than 2 million Wenzhou people all over the world. Trendsetters have the drive to stand up to the forefront, so how should we work hard and develop together? The road that Hu Chengzhong has traveled and the next step of planning may be a reference.

For enterprises, focus on the main business, maximize the gathering of elemental resources such as advanced ideas, mature models and innovative technologies, and become stronger and bigger; we must actively promote it with a better business environment and be optimistic about its success.

Only when the door is opened wider and wider, and more and more forces can be absorbed, can we join hands and step into the fast lane of high-speed development.

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