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New Arrival, CDWNEGZ DC Frame Isolating Switch, Stably Protects the Electrical Safety of the Optical Storage System

Publish Time: 2023-01-11 10:36:43     Author: DELIXI

Under the continuous promotion of the national "double carbon" policy, green energy projects such as wind power generation and solar power generation are in a positive trend of vigorous development. To ensure the safe operation of energy projects, a safe and reliable power distribution system is naturally indispensable. As an indispensable behind-the-scenes hero in the low-voltage power distribution system, the DC frame isolating switch plays an important isolation role in the DC circuit.

Delixi Electric digs deep into the needs of industry application scenarios and brings a new CDWNEGZ DC frame isolating switch! With strong product strength, it is widely used in inverters, battery clusters and other occasions in energy storage systems, and has a wide range of applications in green energy projects such as wind power generation and solar power generation.

Super Performance With Better Quality

Ultra-high insulation voltage, wider coverage.

The short-time withstand current is 100kA, leading in the industry.

The use category covers DC22A, DC23A, DC-PV2, and the certification includes CCC, CE, TUV.

Complete and More Accessories

Complete accessories, high versatility, can match conventional Air Circuit Breaker accessories.

Flexible and Changeable,More Efficient

A variety of wiring methods are flexible and free to meet the needs of more customers.

It can effectively improve time efficiency, reduce labor costs, and is cost-effective.

Exquisite and Safer Design

The arc contact structure is adopted to effectively protect the main contacts and improve the electrical life.

Meet the performance requirements & testing standards of the PV isolation switch, and effectively deal with various challenges in the photovoltaic storage system.

Use high-performance arc extinguishing chamber and adopt the principle of gas blowing arc extinguishing to improve the arc extinguishing ability of the product.

Intensively study the needs of the industry and integrate professional technology. With reliable quality, Delixi Electric CDWNEGZ DC frame isolating switch protects power consumption scenarios such as optical storage systems and green energy in an all-round way, brings more convenient and more secure power consumption experience, protects power consumption safety, and helps the "double carbon" goal improve dramatically.

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