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Policy Escort to Increase Enterprise Confidence “Double Carbon” Goal to Make Electrical Development Promising

Publish Time: 2022-07-04 10:00:50     Author: DELIXI

As an important part of China's socialist market economy, the private sector has made outstanding contributions to the development of the national economy and played an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment and improving people's livelihood. In 10 years, the number of private enterprises in China has quadrupled, and their resilience and vitality are growing.

"China's private economy can only grow, not weaken." In the face of century-old changes, how can private enterprises practice their internal skills and seize the opportunities of The Times? How can private entrepreneurs forge ahead and create new brilliance? From now on, People's Daily Online "Dialogue with Entrepreneurs" has launched a series of "Private Entrepreneurs talk about Confidence" to convey the voice of enterprises, boost confidence in development, and show their sense of responsibility.

Private economy is an important force in China's economic and social development. With the development of The Times, a number of private entrepreneurs have been pioneering and working hard to strengthen their enterprises through innovation and development. With the continuous release of reform dividends and the continuous optimization of the development environment, the private economy is developing steadily and facing new opportunities and challenges.

Vice chairman of the standing committee of the All-China federation of industry and zhejiang federation of industry and commerce, delixi group chairman of the board before Hu Chengzhong home in People's Daily said in a column of "dialogue of entrepreneurs", "private enterprises are not afraid of competitors, even welcome a competitor", in the face of change in one hundred, it should keep is hold in, don't forget to beginner's mind, in a professional and quality service national overall situation, to grasp the development opportunities.

Delixi Group was founded in 1984. From the beginning of the establishment of the switch factory, to gradually expand to the military industry, transportation, environmental protection and other industries, now delixi has gradually developed into electrical as the main business, diversified multinational enterprises.

If you look at developments on a time scale, 2003 is undoubtedly a highlight for Delixi. In that year, Delixi participated in shenzhou V manned spacecraft project, which was the first time that jiuquan Satellite Launch Center used electrical products from domestic private enterprises.

Back to the scene to watch the rocket launch, Hu Chengzhong used "excited" "nervous" to describe the mood at that time. "I feel very honored. But to be honest, IT's a little scary -- it's too big a responsibility to go wrong."

He said, as a private enterprise, can achieve this result is very difficult. "At the end of the last century, 'fake and shoddy' has been a synonym for our wenzhou enterprises. Those of us who are engaged in manufacturing are full of energy to improve quality."

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance to the development of private economy, created a better development environment for private enterprises, solved the practical difficulties in development, and further eliminated hidden barriers and discrimination. Private enterprises have become more and more frequent "familiar figure" in major projects at home and abroad.

Delixi, for example, since the shenzhou v manned spacecraft project, delixi successively participated in qinshan nuclear power plant, the qinghai-tibet railway, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, the national major project of south-to-north water transfer project, and participate in Pakistan's gwadar, uzbekistan cui trees on 100 mw photovoltaic power station, Nepal hydropower stations along the "area", such as the construction of major projects.

In Hu chengzhong's view, these real projects are the best example of testing the quality of private enterprises' products. In a major test, Delixi strengthens its reputation with actual combat, and actively improves its technical ability through independent innovation, and further strengthens its brand competitiveness and influence.

At present, China's economy is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectations, and the majority of private enterprises are affected to varying degrees.

"When things are not so good you ask for survival. Hu chengzhong said that The State Council and local governments have introduced a series of policies to help enterprises, reducing taxes and fees, improving the business environment and protecting intellectual property rights, to reduce the burden on enterprises, break barriers, increase space and strengthen confidence. To guide industrial upgrading through regional transformation and development, while helping enterprises out of difficulties, the regional industrial structure and development mode has been adjusted, and enterprises have been promoted to transform from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing, from low value-added to medium and high value-added, and from extensive development to high-quality development.

Hu Chengzhong admitted that industrial chain security is the biggest challenge facing private enterprises at present. "Some key components are still under the control of others, and some enterprises have not formed their own unique advantages, which are easy to be replaced by price, technology and other factors." In addition, in terms of policy expectation, the superposition of different policy effects and the implementation deviation of policies in different regions also have different impacts on enterprise operation.

He suggested giving full play to the role of the rule of law in strengthening the foundation, stabilizing expectations and benefiting the long-term, and encouraging entrepreneurs to dare to start businesses and invest. At the same time, we will make the policies on cutting fees and taxes more inclusive, and give greater support to the development of specialized, innovative businesses.

Seek opportunities in challenges and seek development in the tide. Hu Chengzhong believes that enterprises must capture future development opportunities from the general direction of the national strategic layout.

He judged that the "double carbon" target will further promote China's electrification level significantly improved, electrical development will be promising. Therefore, Delixi will continue to focus on the main electric business in the future, in new energy precision manufacturing, ecological environmental protection and other aspects of the layout.

"As an entrepreneur, you can't be too greedy." Hu Chengzhong said that in the unpredictable external situation, only by maintaining strategic focus, strive to combine their own advantages with the direction of national development, and continue to innovate and professional brand polish, can they build a solid moat for enterprise development.

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