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Strong alliance, and seek common development! Jingdong Group visited Delixi Electric for exchange

Publish Time: 2023-04-10 14:36:01     Author: DELIXI

All things recovery strong spring, full of vitality forward. On April 7, Delixi Electric welcomed a group of guests from afar. Accompanied by Wang Zhenyong, Vice Mayor of Wenzhou, Dai Xuqiang, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Yueqing and other leaders, Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong Group and his delegation visited Delxi Electric for exchange.

Hu Chenghu, Senior Vice President of Delixi Group, Wu Lichun, Vice president of Delixi Electric, Sun Guangqing, vice president of Supply chain and other company executives warmly received the visiting team. Both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the development trend of low-voltage electric industry, digital capability and development direction, current layout of supply chain, as well as the cooperation and planning between Delixi Electric and Jingdong Industry.

Efficient collaborative development, establish a new industry benchmark

At the beginning of the meeting, the delegation first visited the digital transparent factory of Delixi Electric production base in Wenzhou. From raw material screening to digital control of three-dimensional storage, intelligence and green reflected in every detail.

As early as 2012, Delixi Electric began to vigorously layout digital development, adhere to the concept of intelligent manufacturing, from the outside to the inside, from product technology, supply chain, customer service, enterprise management and other dimensions of the systematic upgrade, to build a digital transparent factory, laying the foundation for the brand digital transformation. Through visiting the digital exhibition hall and the factory, the delegation had a better understanding of the connected, efficient, intelligent supply chain system and green and low-carbon manufacturing strength of Delixi Electric.

Seek win-win cooperation and create a smart future

During the exchange between the two sides, Mr. Hu Chenghu extended a warm welcome to the delegation's visit and fully affirmed the cooperation between the two sides all along. In fact, Delixi Electric has a long history of cooperation with Jingdong, having held a strategic signing ceremony with Jingdong Industry as early as 2019. In recent years, the two sides have realized all-round cooperation in channel expansion, product development, marketing promotion, efficient digital supply chain and other dimensions, and the combination of strong, vertical and horizontal deepening, to help industrial e-commerce upgrade.

At the same time, public welfare has become a link between the two sides. In 2020, the Hope Primary School in Zhongzhen Town, Luxi County, Yunnan Province, which was jointly donated by Delixi Electric and Jingdong, was inaugurated. Both parties took practical actions to practice corporate social responsibility. We hope to take this discussion as an opportunity to broaden the channel of cooperation with Jingdong Group, explore new channels and new paths of industrial Internet, and promote the new ecology of high-quality innovation and development of China's low-voltage electrical industry.

The Jingdong inspection team expressed gratitude to Delixi Electric for their warm and thoughtful reception. They stated that Jingdong is a new type of physical enterprise that combines the genes and attributes of physical enterprises, digital technology and capabilities. From the beginning of entrepreneurship, it has always been rooted in, grown in, and served in entities. At present, there are more and more industry partners like Delixi Electric begin to pay more attention to the supply chain, more emphasis on taking root and serving the real economy. Jingdong will continue to open its leading chain and network integrated supply chain infrastructure to the outside world. Let us join hands to build a stable and resilient supply chain and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

In the post-epidemic era, the whole society, the whole industry and the whole industrial chain are facing new development opportunities and challenges. Whether digital technology can effectively integrate with the real economy and provide sustained momentum for the goal of "high-quality development" will become a crucial proposition for the steady development of enterprises. It is believed that with the integrated development of 5G technology, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies and manufacturing industry, the "wisdom" integration of Delixi Electric and Jingdong Industry will surely accelerate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, optimize customer service, and release strong momentum for China's high-quality development of low-voltage electrical industry.

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