Tax Power, Escort 100 Billion Electrical Industry Cluster Sails to Sea

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In March 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the winner list of advanced manufacturing cluster final, the electric industry cluster from Wenzhou Yueqing was selected as the only county-led industrial cluster in China. In 2021, The total industrial output value of Yueqing electric industry is 139.9 billion yuan, including the total industrial output value of 97.945 billion yuan, up 17.2% year on year. In the first quarter of this year, Yueqing electrical products export also achieved good results, total export of electrical products 5.628 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.57%. Yueqing electric industry foreign trade rising behind, there is a steady stream of tax power. Wenzhou tax authorities took multiple measures to optimize tax rebate services, hit the policy "combination fist", and helped the electrical cluster to run China's acceleration in the overseas competition.

Tax rebate facilitation "fast charging" for foreign trade

"The current speed of export tax refund gives me a feeling that my mobile phone is charged quickly. The tax refund can be received within three days, which relieves our financial pressure and gives us a stronger foundation." Garcia electronic appliances Co., LTD. Financial director he Jin double point praise.

In recent years, under the dual impact of the international situation and the epidemic, many foreign trade enterprises like Garcia face many challenges, such as the sharp rise in raw materials and labor costs, the high international freight costs, and the shortage of containers. Since the beginning of this year, a series of tax and fee support policies have been introduced, such as new combined tax and fee support policies and foreign trade and foreign investment tax support policies, which have effectively solved the problem of financial shortage of enterprises.

He jinshuang said, working capital is the "blood" of enterprises, export tax rebate acceleration is like shujin huoxue, help foreign trade enterprises invigorate capital, stable production and stable sales. The acceleration of export tax rebate in The mouth of He Jinshuang refers to the state Administration of Taxation's recent implementation of the accelerated service of export tax rebate rebate in 3 working days for enterprises with good credit.

Referring to export tax rebate facilitation, Zhejiang Meishuo Electrical Technology Co., LTD. Financial director Wang Song has the same feeling. Meishuo electric is a special new "little giant" enterprise in the field of relays. Now it has 38 leading automatic relay assembly lines in China, and the automation rate of the line reaches more than 95%. With the continuous growth of the company's export business, its export record documents are also increasing day by day.

In order to further facilitate export enterprises, Wenzhou tax authorities actively promote the electronic filing of export tax rebate documents, support export enterprises to flexibly choose electronic or paper ways to keep export goods bill of lading and other export tax rebate filing documents according to their own actual conditions, improve the collection efficiency of documents.

"It's really paperless!" A sigh of emotion out of the United States shuo electric financial director Wang Song aspirations. She introduced that in 2021, the export of enterprises involved in export customs declaration 307, before the implementation of electronic record documents, the company needs to prepare more than 2000 paper materials every year, the electronic record documents effectively reduce the burden of enterprises, to help enterprises travel light.

Tax dividends increase resilience of enterprises

In the production workshop of jubang Group Co., LTD. 's new factory, several automated production lines are running smoothly. In recent years, Jubang Group continues to increase the intensity of intelligent technical transformation, and has created three automatic detection lines of one or two fusion ring cage, one or two fusion column break, and intelligent universal circuit breaker. In 2022, it won the three honorary titles of "Top 10 Brands of China's Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet", "Top 10 Enterprises of China's First and second integration complete ring cage", and "Top 10 Enterprises of China's first and second integration complete column circuit breaker".

Behind the enterprise good news again and again, cannot leave the tax power's support. In the early stage of intelligent technological transformation, Jubang Group was under tight financial pressure due to long technological transformation cycle and large investment. Meanwhile, due to the complex international situation and the epidemic situation, overseas orders were greatly reduced. Dilemma, enterprises received 540,000 yuan of export tax rebate for Jubang Group injected new impetus. The enterprise accelerates the technical transformation, breaks through the technical difficulty, by virtue of its technical transformation of the breaker and other star products, has won the favor of Russia, Turkey, Spain and other demand business. Recently, jubang Group's goods worth $1 million have been boxed to be shipped, and this batch of goods is expected to enjoy export tax rebate (exemption) of more than 800,000 yuan.

Li Handan, chief financial officer of Jubang Group, said that technological innovation and product upgrading have enabled the company to win a greater market share and voice in the world's electrical industry chain and supply chain, enhancing the resilience of the company in the face of multiple challenges.

Expert think Tank helps Develop new Blue Ocean

Andeli Group is one of leqing's early enterprises involved in electric export, and is committed to developing cross-border e-commerce business. It has set up 6 logistics centers in Dubai, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions, covering and serving more than 6,000 cooperative customers around the world. From January to May 2022, Andry's export sales reached 13.07 million USD, up 13.61% year on year.

"We are able to open up new tracks thanks to the tax authorities." Cheng Anlin, legal representative of Andeli Group Co., LTD., said frankly that enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouse layout did not have the confidence at the beginning. The tax department immediately thought about what enterprises thought, and organized international tax business backbone to set up a "think tank" to provide export policy consultation for enterprises. Explain the development status of new forms of foreign trade, the latest policies, tax risks, etc., escort enterprises to the sea all the way.

The relevant person in charge of Wenzhou Tax Bureau said that the tax department will continue to support the intelligent and digital development of the electrical industry, strengthen export services, boost the cluster to grow and grow, and become an advanced electrical manufacturing cluster with greater global influence.

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