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Ten Years of Refined Manufacturing and Intelligent Creation of the Future | Delixi Electric Delixi Production System (DPS) 10th Anniversary Celebration, Stepping into Lean Digital Development

Publish Time: 2023-03-15 13:54:58     Author: DELIXI

On March 14, the 10th anniversary celebration of Delixi Electric DPS was grandly held in the second phase of Wuhu factory. Sun Guangqing, vice president of supply chain of Delixi Electric, Wu Lichun, vice president and other senior leaders of the company; Zhang Yong, executive vice president of Delixi Group, Hu Chenghu, senior vice president; Gu Jun, the vice president of digitalization, and other guests, as well as about a hundred representatives from various bases and suppliers in the supply chain, gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DPS, and fully discussed the future development direction of lean and intelligent manufacturing.

Firm Lean Concept to Help High-Quality Development

At the beginning of the meeting, Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group and chairman of Delixi Electric, first delivered a speech via video:

"DPS has established standards since 2013, which is a milestone for Delixi Electric's layout automation, digitalization, and intelligent manufacturing. After 10 years of continuous improvement, improvement and innovation, DPS has become one of the core competitiveness of Delixi Electric. "

Subsequently, Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, delivered a video speech, affirming the outstanding contribution of DPS to the company's efficiency improvement and business development. He said:

"DPS is a lean production system with the characteristics of Delixi Electric. After 10 years of exploration, practice and accumulation, it has formed a set of business philosophy in line with Delixi Electric. It is customer-centric, from personnel, process, The three areas of logistics will comprehensively optimize and continuously improve the company. I have high expectations for the future development of DPS!"

During the celebration, Sun Guangqing, Hu Chenghu, Gu Jun and other leaders delivered speeches successively. Since 2013, Delixi Electric has built lean digital management systems such as smart factories and transparent logistics. The operation mode with high automation rate has increased the overall efficiency by 200%. , saving an average of 70% of the area, accumulatively 59,000 square meters, and has worked with customers and partners to establish an agile, efficient, collaborative and innovative upstream and downstream ecosystem of the industrial chain.

Efficient and Agile Collaboration, Stepping into a Lean Future

A thousand miles can be achieved without accumulating steps. Looking back on the ten-year development history of DPS, representatives of the supply chain and suppliers were deeply moved, and shared their experience on key words such as excellence, measurability and standardization.

Focusing on how to create the future intelligently, the leaders of the company's front office, middle office, and back office opened a roundtable forum. For how to optimize and apply in the future, it provides you with more ideas and directions. As Wang Xudong said at the conference: "We will jointly uphold the value of 'customer first', continue to invest, continue to support the promotion of DPS upgrades, and contribute to the revitalization of China's real economy and the acceleration of industrial intelligence!"

In the awarding session of this forum meeting, Delixi Electric gave "Ten-Year Commendation" to outstanding teams and individuals who have continued to improve and promote DPS deployment, thanked everyone for their contributions, and encouraged everyone to continue to surpass.

At the end of the conference, the supply chain BI release ceremony was solemnly held, which marks that DPS will realize a more efficient and excellent management method in the future, and become a new milestone in the development history of Delixi Electric DPS!

In the past ten years, Delixi Electric has always taken lean thinking as the outline, and has continuously carried out digital upgrades. After ten years of hard work, it has achieved full coverage of the lean system and entered a new stage of green and intelligent manufacturing. In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to promote the digital and intelligent deployment and upgrade of DPS, constantly adapt to changes in the external environment, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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