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The Knight Family Welcomes New Members! CDJ6H Small Electromagnetic Relay Helps Customers Achieve Efficient Operation

Publish Time: 2023-06-02 13:44:14     Author: DELIXI

Electromagnetic relays are widely used in power systems, such as motor control, automated production lines, power distribution systems, etc., need to ensure high stability and reliability to ensure long-term safe operation in harsh environments such as high temperature and high pressure. Life expectancy and so on have strict requirements.

Delixi Electric has always been committed to providing customers with a full range of professional solutions. Recently, with the ingenuity and intelligent design of excellence, Delixi Electric has launched a new knight member-CDJ6H small electromagnetic relay! Help OEM customers to develop efficiently, and create a new situation in the market with its exquisite manufacturing technology and stable performance.

Humanized Design, Clear and Transparent Enclosure

Electromagnetic relays need to maintain normal working conditions and open and close quickly during operation. In some special environments, such as high-risk environments or occasions where the working status of electrical appliances is required to be clearly visible, the product status needs to be more intuitive for maintenance and monitoring.

Aiming at this pain point, CDJ6H small electromagnetic relay adopts a transparent shell design, PC high-transparency material, so that the internal structure is clearly visible, and it is easier to find and solve faults. At the same time, the high-brightness, long-life LED indicator light ensures clear and clear working status, and the product shell adopts laser marking, which is more environmentally friendly and safe while being wear-resistant

See Ingenuity In The Details, Safer and More Convenient

Delixi Electric keeps innovating, has insight into customer needs, and improves detailed design, only to provide a safer and more convenient use experience. The CDJ6H-52/54P electromagnetic relay adds a mechanical indication window, which makes the action indication clear at a glance and improves the safety of use. The blue and red buckles can distinguish AC and DC coils to avoid mixing products. Its test button has the function of start and lock, which greatly improves the test efficiency. 2-4 sets of contact specifications, plug-in installation, electrical life up to 200,000 times, to meet different needs.

Most relays on the market usually suffer from excessive heat and wear during use, resulting in poor contact, reduced conductivity or failure. The CDJ6H-62P electromagnetic relay adopts a large-capacity contact with a rated current of 10A and an electrical life of up to 200,000 times, which effectively ensures the stable use of the product. At the same time, there are 2 sets of contact specifications to choose from, which is perfectly suitable for various installations. needs, the installation is more convenient.


Over the years, Delixi Electric has continuously absorbed industry experience, integrated cutting-edge technologies, focused on customer needs, continuously optimized product lines through innovation, only provided customers with better products and services, and created sustainable growth for customers from all walks of life. Value, helping cooperative customers achieve sustainable business development.

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