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The new DDSU6606V series single -phase electronic electricity meter renewed go on the market

Publish Time: 2022-10-24 16:10:23     Author: DELIXI

In smart cities, technology is integrating every corner of our lives. With the construction and development of smart grids, the field of power intelligence is constantly optimizing iteration. In order to provide more efficient electrical measurement and convenient experience, Delixi Electric's new generation of DDSU6606V series single -phase electronic electricity meter are renewed.

The new generation of DDSU6606V series single-phase electronic electricity meter  is one of the powerful functions of advanced craftsmanship, adding Wi-Fi communications models and without RS485 communications.At the same time, in addition to the RS485 models with the wiring left in and right out, it also increases the products that the wiring is bottom in and upper out The model is more complete!

Among them, the Wi-Fi communication model does not require gateway, and can access Delixi Electric's remote prepaid fee platform through Wi-Fi. Users can pay easily anytime, anywhere; material management can easily manage data, help constructing the smart electricity cities.

Convenient for installation

Adopting the standard 35mm guide installation method, the electrical energy measurement can be performed in the low -pressure cabinet and small boxes. Compared with the traditional screw fixed installation method, it saves time and convenient and fast; adding the bottom in -upper out wiring model products, saving wires and more environmental friendly.

complete specifications     safe and reliable

 shell PC+ABS flame retardant material, panel protection level IP54, all current specifications can be covered, wide range, safe and reliable.

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