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There is a button in the household distribution box that needs to be pressed once a month, but unfortunately few people do this

Publish Time: 2022-08-31 14:15:42     Author: DELIXI

Test button

The button that is pressed once a month is the "test button". All leakage switches have such a button.

For example, in the air switch picture below, the "T" button with the arrow pointing to it is the test button. The other "R" button is the reset button.

Press the function once a month

Press once a month, is to let the switch internal simulation leakage state. If the leakage protection function is normal, it will trip after pressing the test button. If the leakage protection function fails, there will be no reaction after pressing the test button.

Once found leakage protection function failure to seize the repair, or replace the leakage switch. Otherwise, when the home really leakage situation, can not play the role of protection.

Test how the button works

As the name suggests, the leakage switch is installed to prevent leakage. There is a current transformer inside the leakage switch to detect the current above the neutral line and the live line.

When safe, the current on the neutral line and the live line is equal.

If there is a leakage of electricity, it will cause one of the wires to form a new loop with the other conductors, which will cause the current of the two wires to be not equal.

At this time, the leakage switch will be judged to be leakage, and then let the leakage switch trip, so as to achieve the effect of closing the power supply.

The test button is to simulate the leakage phenomenon by artificially manufacturing the zero line and the live line current imbalance.

If the test effect will trip, it proves that there is no problem with the air switch. If there's no reaction, that means the air switch has failed. Therefore, regular detection of the leakage switch is a responsible behavior for the safety of their own personal and property.

Many people feel that fire caused by leakage electricity is rare, plus the probability of leakage protection failure is even less, this kind of unlucky thing will not touch them.

So many people do not put "press once a month" in the heart, or because of other reasons, any reason is not responsible for their own life.

Leakage switch protector, itself is a very fragile attachment, it is dependent on the circuit board in the work.

If the accessory fails, it will only affect the leakage trip function, and will not affect the normal power consumption.

However, once there is leakage, it will not automatically trip, easy to cause fire or other dangerous situations.

It is best to press a test button every month to avoid leakage protection function damage do not know, such as leakage blame leakage switch did not cut off the power supply in time.

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