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What are the differences among GCS, GCK, MNS, and GGD cabinet?

Publish Time: 2022-05-30 08:58:27     Author: DELIXI

1. Similarities and differences between several models

Module: GCK (Senyuan) minimum drawer unit 1 module :GCS minimum drawer unit 1/2 module,MNS(imported ABB technology) minimum drawer unit 1/4 module.  

Busbars: MNS and GCS horizontal busbars are rear outlet separated from front left drawer unit and front right cable outlet room by dividers. Their vertical busbars are assembled in flame-retardant plastic function plates for more reliability.  The GCK horizontal bus is located on the top of the cabinet, the vertical bus has no flame-retardant plastic function board, the cable outlet can be out after, can also be made into the right cable room outlet, but the drawer propulsion mechanism is different from GCS, MNS, relatively simple.  

Drawer: GCS can only have a minimum of 1/2 drawer, MNS has 1/4 drawer, MNS drawer has another interlocking mechanism, and GCS only switch itself.  

2. The differences between GCS and MNS

a. Different places of origin: GCS is independently designed and developed in China.  MNS was imported from ABB.  GCS was put on the market in 1996, and was modeled after MNS in many aspects, such as horizontal bus, in and out line, etc.  

b. Steel assembly is different: GCS is assembled from 8MF (KS) steel, while MNS is assembled from C (KB) steel.  GCS is superior to MNS in terms of strength. But in terms of aesthetics, MNS is better than GCS, and many manufacturers use C profiles to do GCS.  The original design of GCS could only achieve a maximum current of 4000A, while the MNS could achieve a higher current. After many improvements, the GCS now reaches 6300A.  

c. Drawer mechanism is different: GCS adopts rotating propulsion mechanism (CJG-1~3), while MNS adopts big interlock.  In contrast, the GCS drawer is easier to plug and unplug than MNS drawer.  

d. the installation modulus is different: MNS cabinet installation modulus is 25mm and GCS is 20mm, GCS can do up to 11 layers of drawers, MNS can do 9 layers, but MNS can do double-sided cabinets (both front and back drawers).  So GCS can make up to 22 drawers and MNS can make up to 72 drawers (GCS doesn't have a quarter drawer and MNS does).  MNS has advantages in small currents.  The GCS has some advantages in terms of high currents.  

3. The advantages and disadvantages among types of switchgear

Generally speaking: the extraction cabinet is more provincial, convenient maintenance, more outlet loop, but the cost is expensive;  The fixed relative outlet circuit is less, covers an area of more.  If the customer provides too few locations, can not be fixed to do the extraction type instead.  

GGD ac low voltage switch cabinet: the switch cabinet has the advantages of reasonable mechanism, convenient installation and maintenance, good protection performance, high breaking ability, large capacity, strong subsection ability, strong dynamic stability, wide applicability of electrical scheme, etc., can be used as replacement products.  

Disadvantages: less loop, unit can not be arbitrarily combined and cover an area of large, can not be connected with the computer.  

GCK switch cabinet and has high breaking ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, flexible electrical scheme, series, strong versatility, all kinds of scheme units arbitrary combination.  A cabinet, accommodate the number of loop more, save the area, high protection grade, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance and other advantages.  

Disadvantages: the horizontal bus is located at the top of the cabinet.  

GCS low-voltage pull-out switch cabinet: with high technical performance index, can adapt to the development of the power market needs, and can compete with the existing introduced products.  According to the principle of safety, economy, reasonableness and reliability, the new low-voltage pull-out switchgear also has the characteristics of high breaking and connecting ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong seriality and practicability, novel structure and high protection grade. 

Advantages of MNS series:

◆ Compact design: more functional units can be accommodated in a smaller space.  

◆ Strong versatility of structure and flexible assembly: C-shaped profiles with 25mm module can meet the requirements of various structure forms, protection levels and use environments.  

◆ Standard module design: respectively can be composed of protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, indicating and other standard units, users can choose to assemble according to the need.  

◆ High technical performance.  The main parameters reach the contemporary international technical level. 

 ◆ Compress the field.  Three degree of high, can greatly compress the storage and transportation of pre-made sites.  Convenient assembly.  

Advantages of MCS low-pressure pull-out switch cabinet:

(1) The cabinet body is assembled with C-type steel, with uniform appearance, high precision and good drawer interchangeability;  

(2) THE WIDTH of MCC cabinet is only 600mm, but the use capacity is large, which can accommodate more functional units and save construction land; 

(3) The components in the cabinet can be configured with various types of switches according to the different needs of users to better ensure the high reliable operation of products.  

(4) The device can reserve an automatic interface, or install the module on the switch cabinet to realize "three remote" functions such as telemetry, telemetry and remote control.

Disadvantages of the control equipment: high cost, difficult for small and medium-sized users.  

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