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Why did the electrician get an electric shock? What does such a “minor injury” accident give us?

Publish Time: 2022-05-18 08:26:29     Author: DELIXI

If someone tells you, the correct "pour brake operation" will also get an electric shock, as an electrician can you believe that? Normal operation of the device have caused personal injury and equipment damage, exactly what went wrong? Today let's discuss together real "minor" accident.

Recently saw a typical electrical accident cases and each electrician friends share: a company in ningxia in 6 kv power supply into line switch by cold standby turned hot, work together to get an electric shock accident cause two people were injured, tripping unit.  As is known to all, whether it is a normal maintenance or in the operation of the daily work, often to carry out the "operation", to electrical equipment by a state run into another kind of running state of operation (the operating state of electric equipment is divided into four kinds: running, hot backup and cold backup, maintenance)Then, the seemingly "mechanical and fool" the standardization of operation why is out of this problem?

The bite of the "electric" is come out from? Through screening and analysis, find out the reason of the accident: "the unit 6 kv substation bus power supply into line switch B phase leakage vacuum package, personnel operating power, switch from cold standby to hot standby breakdown happens B phase in the process of vacuum package, development for the three-phase short-circuit fault arc. "Two workers operating 6 kv1a period of power into the line switches from the test position to work position, in the process of the switch contacts are up and down two people were injured, three-phase short-circuit arc trip unit. It is understood that the consequences of events is very serious, "a worker XX arm about 10% area of the place such as burns, another homework personnel XX clavicle fracture. Unit 6 kv transformer room 1 a section of the bus power supply into line switch loss.

Perhaps some people will ask: why the switch contacts on the occurrence of three-phase arc short circuit?

The investigation shows that: the switch has not carried out pressure test for many years since it was put into operation, and the maintenance has not been combined with the requirements of technical supervision and industry standards to carry out the maintenance test project.  At the same time, the voltage of withstand voltage test is low, and the weak parts of insulation that may be exposed cannot be found in time.  

What does such an event teach us?  

We often say that "intrinsic safety" is the shield shield to ensure the safety and health of electricians.  For electrical technicians, preventive testing of electrical equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with industry standards, and rectification of problems raised by technical supervision and inspection shall be strictly carried out.  This is not only the technical skills of electrical operators, but also the embodiment of professional ethics and professional ethics.  Our high degree of dedication and superb skills, can ensure the health level of equipment, sometimes even save lives.  

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