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Wisdom factory | Digital wave, how to “chain” in the future?

Publish Time: 2022-05-16 17:00:12     Author: DELIXI

Facing the tide of digitalization, Delixi Electric has been actively responding to the future trend for many years, constantly innovating and upgrading, with the help of digital technology to promote the construction of intelligent operation system, so far it has harvested rich wisdom results.  

Delixi electric has always been committed to advancing the construction of integration, integration of intelligent operation system, build the overall coordination of the supply chain management system and the integration of digital platforms, with the help of the Internet technology, not only can realize the whole life cycle of product tracking and visual experience, but also success will be intelligent manufacturing through manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, etc.

As early as 2012, Delixi Electric began to carry out the layout of automatic production, promote intelligent operation system, is committed to creating a digital transparent factory, and has always taken intelligent manufacturing as the upgrading concept of production line.

To achieve efficient production, information interconnection is indispensable. Delixi Electric relies on information integration management among various systems to truly achieve an "information, digital and visual" intelligent factory, introducing different intelligent technology systems for different links to achieve lean production management.


MES system runs through the whole production process, which can help realize the information interconnection and integrated application between key technologies and equipment in the manufacturing process.  Managers can control production information in real time through remote monitoring system and carry out visual management.  At the same time, THE MES system also has the function of automatic ordering, which is connected with SAP system to automatically convert customer demand into production plan and send it directly to sim-board of production line to track production line progress in real time.  

E-kanban SYSTEM

In the production process, e-KanBAN system is used for data processing to realize pulling and replenishing of materials, and AGV small train is connected to complete semi-finished product transportation and replenishment management, so as to greatly deduct the replenishment efficiency of the production line.  


In case of abnormal production (such as lack of material in production line, abnormal quality, etc.) and abnormal equipment, information will be conveyed through ANDON system, and the responsible personnel will respond quickly to solve abnormal problems and ensure the smooth operation of products.


In the process of intelligent warehousing, the whole process can be controlled by computer by equipped with intelligent operating systems such as AS/AR and ASS to improve operation efficiency.


Through THE WMS system, it can realize fine storage location management, do a good job in fifO, and realize logistics information and real-time visualization, at the same time, achieve logistics resource sharing, improve operation efficiency and customer satisfaction.


In the logistics link, on the basis of the central three-dimensional warehouse with ERP system as the core, the industrial Internet system of planning and control tower is built to collect logistics information and customer needs centrally, quickly identify the real needs of customers and improve delivery.

Transparent Logistics APP

Delixi Electric also applies the cloud service digital technology to create a transparent logistics APP, which integrates the logistics information of the company, the carrier and the client, and the client can also master the order information in real time.  In addition, if any unexpected situation occurs in the logistics process, the system will report all abnormal information in time, so as to make effective action decisions in the first time and ensure efficient delivery of products.

Facing the ever-changing market demand, Delixi Electric integrates digital technology into supply chain operation, adheres to the integrated and integrated management mode, realizes horizontal and vertical value chain integration, and forms an interconnected, efficient and intelligent operation system.  

As a leading enterprise in the domestic low-voltage electric industry, Delixi Electric has always been committed to building a unique intelligent system. In the future, delixi Electric will continue to strive for perfection, "chain" to the future, and constantly promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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