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Wisdom Inspires New Ecology, Builds the Future with Zero Carbon Delixi Electric Has Been Certified as a “Five-Star Zero-Carbon Factory”

Publish Time: 2023-03-24 14:08:37     Author: DELIXI

Recently, Delixi Electric's Wuhu base obtained the five-star certificate of zero-carbon factory (Type I) issued by Tihe Certification, becoming the first zero-carbon factory in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry. Starting from the construction of a clean factory, Delixi Electric has successively become a provincial green factory, a national green factory, a carbon-neutral factory and a zero-carbon factory. Delixi Electric is constantly setting a benchmark for green and sustainable development as a "navigator, innovator, and changer" and contributing to the realization of the double-carbon goal.

Practice the Sustainable Strategy to Build a Zero-Carbon Factory

Delixi Electric implements the sustainable development strategy, takes the green and sustainable development culture as the lead, develops green energy, circular economy, and vigorously improves energy efficiency. It shows that according to the accounting of titanium and certification, Delixi Electric Wuhu Base has 100% offset of direct greenhouse gas emissions and indirect greenhouse gases brought by purchased energy, with a total of 10,438.04 tons of carbon dioxide, reaching the level of a Type I five-star zero-carbon factory.

Under the background of the national double-carbon policy, Delixi Electric shoulders the mission and responsibility of the Chinese brand, gradually establishes a complete green manufacturing system, and strives to achieve "green zero carbon":

Culture Leads Sustainable Development<<<

Focus on "people-oriented, promote carbon neutrality, and build a green ecological circle" as the core to build a green and sustainable development culture. Through the power of role models, all employees will participate, and partners, downstream distributors, and upstream suppliers will take social responsibilities and jointly promote the entire Win-win cooperation and green development of the industrial chain.

Refined Management of Energy Efficiency<<<

Improve energy efficiency through the construction of energy management systems and frequency conversion technology applications, constant pressure, constant temperature control, and air compressor group control systems and other energy efficiency projects. Through sophisticated data analysis, ensure that the factory's energy use is traceable and manageable .

Green Energy Stable Carbon Reduction<<<

Vigorously develop photovoltaic projects and green energy, build photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic parking lots and photovoltaic street lights, the roof photovoltaic coverage area accounts for more than 70%, and the green energy utilization rate exceeds 50%. At the same time, purchase CER certified emission reductions and international green certificates , greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient Use of Resources in Circular Economy<<<

Practice the "10R" principle of recycling, recycle condensed water and rainwater, use recycled and degradable materials for green packaging, and at the same time carry out green design for the entire life cycle of products, improve processes through innovative green technologies, and save raw materials and chemicals Substitution, reduction, reduction of resource consumption, and protection of biodiversity.

Green Information Disclosure is Transparent and Open<<<

Actively disclose carbon emission information to the society, establish the carbon footprint of the product life cycle through carbon accounting, and publish the carbon footprint information of mainstream products "from cradle to gate" to the outside world.

Vice President of Delixi Electric Supply Chain

Sun Guangqing said:

"Obtaining the zero-carbon factory certification this time is another milestone for Delixi Electric to practice the concept of sustainable development, which will play a demonstration and leading role for the entire industry. In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain Partners, unswervingly march towards the sustainable goals of the environment and society, and contribute to the promotion of global green and sustainable development.”

At the same time, Delixi Electric also promises to achieve carbon neutrality at the operation level of the entire supply chain in 2025, to achieve zero-carbon readiness in the upstream, midstream, and downstream in 2030, to achieve carbon neutrality in the end-to-end value chain in 2040, and achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050.

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