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Yueqing “Sweet Potato Economy” Special Conference Held in DELIXI

Publish Time: 2023-03-22 14:04:59     Author: DELIXI

On the afternoon of March 20, Xu Jianbing, secretary of the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee, and Dai Xuqiang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Yueqing, led the leaders of the four groups of the city and the heads of relevant functional departments to make a special trip to Delixi Industrial Park to communicate face-to-face with Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group , listen to the development demands of the enterprise, and discuss on-site to create better conditions for the development of the enterprise. Zhang Yong, executive vice president of the group, and others attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Hu Chengzhong first thanked the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their concern and support for the development of Delixi, and introduced the development and operation of Delixi in 2022 and the idea of returning to the hometown for investment in the next step. Hu Chengzhong said that in the past 40 years since its establishment, the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always been the strong backing for the development of Delixi, and Delixi is full of confidence in Yueqing's business environment and development prospects. Delixi will faithfully implement the requirements of "sweet potato economy", no matter how far the "vine" extends, it will always take root in Yueqing. In order to expand new industrial development opportunities, Yueqing will also be the first choice for project implementation. With solid performance, it will boost the construction of Chinese-style modern Yueqing and contribute more to Yueqing's economic and social development.

Zhang Yong and the relevant person in charge of Delixi Electric put forward opinions and suggestions on strengthening the guarantee of factor resources, improving the efficiency of government approval, and implementing policies to help and benefit enterprises. Xu Jianbing made detailed inquiries one by one, and worked with relevant city leaders and department heads to respond on-site, and asked relevant departments to study and establish a long-term mechanism for common problems after the meeting, so as to ensure that every appeal put forward by the enterprise was answered and settled.

Xu Jianbing fully affirmed that Delixi has actively played the role of a chain-oriented enterprise in recent years, driving upstream and downstream enterprises to improve quality and efficiency. He encouraged Delixi to further inspire and carry forward the "Four Thousand Spirits", based in Yueqing, facing the whole country, looking at the world, taking the responsibility of serving the country and strengthening the country through industry, actively planning, continuously improving core competitiveness, and striving for higher quality development in the enterprise China has made new contributions to the economic and social development of Yueqing. He emphasized that the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will continue to do a good job in the special action of "single-mindedly for the development of enterprises, government and enterprises", and make every effort to launch the brand of "Yueqing 365, Tiantian in Service", protect the rights and interests of private enterprises and entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, and continue to create marketization Rule of law and international first-class business environment.

Leaders of Yueqing City Pan Yunfu, Chen Hancun, Wang Ye, Zheng Xiang, Zhang Haigen and others attended the meeting.

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