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Zero Carbon Future, Construction Industry Customer Summit Ends Successfully, Exploring New Future of Industry

Publish Time: 2023-03-28 14:24:16     Author: DELIXI

On March 24, the 2023 DELIXI Electric Construction Industry Customer Summit "Innovating Green Power Distribution and Building a Zero-Carbon Future" was grandly held in Wuhu.

Scholars and celebrities from the construction industry, outstanding entrepreneurs, customer representatives, senior leaders of DELIXI Electric, and technical experts gathered together to discuss in depth the market changes in the construction industry and the low-voltage electrical industry under the background of industrial transformation and economic recovery. At the same time, it helps customers understand DELIXI Electric's intelligent solutions, and helps the industry transform and upgrade.

Gain Insight Into Development Trend and Accelerate Green Transformation of Industry

Before the meeting, the guests first visited DELIXI Electric Smart Exhibition Hall and Transparent Factory. Under the leadership of the staff, the management center, automated product line, research and development, testing, intelligent storage, etc. were displayed in front of the guests, allowing everyone to intuitively and deeply feel the intelligent and green production strength of DELIXI Electric.

At the beginning of the meeting, Sun Guangqing, vice president of supply chain of DELIXI Electric, first delivered a speech: "DELIXI Electric has been practicing the sustainable development strategy for many years, and gradually established a complete green manufacturing system. DELIXI Electric's Wuhu base recently Obtained the five-star certificate of zero-carbon factory (Type I) and became the first zero-carbon factory in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry. While taking our own green road, we will also actively link up with industrial chain partners to work together towards sustainable goals .”

Subsequently, Xu Yi, general manager of sales in the power distribution industry, said: "The development of green buildings is a concrete manifestation of the in-depth implementation of the general secretary's ecological civilization thought and the comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, and is an important means to promote the realization of carbon peak carbon neutrality. It has been, DELIXI Electric insists on helping the sustainable development of the construction industry with innovative technology, energy-saving and high-efficiency products and complete system supporting services.”

This meeting also invited Zhang Wenjing from the Middle Finger Research Institute to share on the theme of "Summary of the Real Estate Market Situation and Outlook for 2023 Trends". Affected by factors, the volume and price of the real estate market in some core first- and second-tier cities have shown relatively positive signals. With the economic development improving, the real estate market is expected to stabilize and rebound throughout the year."

Yang Junqian, chief expert of DELIXI Electric Industry Solutions, shared on the topic of "the development of the power distribution industry under the double carbon": "If we want to achieve the national double carbon target and meet the sustainable development of the construction industry, we must vigorously promote the Energy saving is the key. As an important cooperative support for the construction industry, the low-voltage electrical industry needs to be green and low-carbon while satisfying safety and stability, so as to promote the green and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the construction industry."

Professional Digital Power Distribution Helps Low-carbon Sustainable Development

Regarding the digital power distribution part of DELIXI Electric, Liu Jubo, head of the instrument channel business development department, gave a detailed introduction to the guests. DELIXI Electric continues to provide customers in the construction industry with better electrical products and power distribution solutions with its strong technical strength, and integrates digital and green concepts into product design to help the industry's smart and low-carbon development.

The birth of green and intelligent products is inseparable from the green and intelligent smart factory. Sun Maokuan, general manager of Wuhu Base Operations, further introduced the digital transformation strategic layout of DELIXI Electric's transparent factory. The company integrates the concept of green intelligence into every link of the supply chain, from the selection of raw materials to the three-dimensional storage of digital control, all of which reflect the green automation production strength of DELIXI Electric.

The participating customers also expressed their trust and recognition of DELIXI Electric in the interview:

Ma Xueming, Quanlian Real Estate Chamber of Commerce: 

"With its strong comprehensive strength, DELIXI Electric has been selected as a strategic and honest supplier of low-voltage electrical products, and has been ranked first in the first choice rate of domestic brands! At the same time, it has always been adhering to the concept of excellence, low-carbon and environmental protection, and constantly updated and iterated Products, according to the different needs of the real estate industry, provide customers with customized product solutions. This visit and communication made us intuitively feel the company's intelligent strength and green concept.

Ruan Donghui from Suning Commercial: 

"At this summit, we have a close perception of DELIXI Electric's intelligent technology and process design. The strong technical strength and complete product solutions have also laid a confidence foundation for future cooperation between the two parties."

As the person in charge of the industry application marketing department said in the sharing: "DELIXI Electric has always been committed to providing customers in the construction industry with excellent electrical products and power distribution solutions. Continuous breakthroughs and upgrades have been achieved in terms of design, functions, and scope of use, to better help customers in the construction industry optimize costs and increase efficiency.”

The sustainable development of the construction industry is inseparable from the transformation drive from the inside out, let alone the cooperation between upstream and downstream. As a leader, innovator, and changer in the low-voltage electrical industry, DELIXI Electric has always used excellent products and high-quality services to further promote the intelligent and green transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, and work with customers to explore new trends in the future development of the construction industry.

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