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Zero Carbon Future | Innovation Leading Power Double Carbon, New Energy Customer Summit a Success!

Publish Time: 2023-02-20 13:22:45     Author: DELIXI

On February 16, Delixi Electric "Innovative Green Power distribution, Building a Zero Carbon Future" 2023 New Energy Customer Summit was held in Wuhu. Representatives from dozens of core industries, including design, construction and manufacturing, from all over the country involved in the whole new energy industry chain attended the meeting.

As the first meeting of the "Innovative Green Power distribution, Building a Zero Carbon Future" industry special summit, the New Energy Customer Summit focused on the low-carbon practice of the new energy industry to carry out in-depth exchanges, jointly discuss the future development and innovation of the industry, with professional new energy product solutions, empower the industry to join hands to create a zero-carbon future.

Pulse Double Carbon Policy

Meet the opportunities and challenges of The Times

At the beginning of Wuhu Base exhibition hall and factory visit, Wuhu Base operation general Manager Sun Maokuan accompanied the guests to visit the green and low-carbon factory from zero distance, and personally experienced the significance of green environmental protection, carbon peak and carbon neutrality. At the same time, detailed understanding of the universal circuit breaker CDW6i photovoltaic special, plastic case circuit breaker CDMNE photovoltaic special, CDLE6Y residual current action circuit breaker, CDBNE photovoltaic grid-connected circuit breaker and other new energy product lines and intelligent manufacturing process.

Delixi Electric continues to deepen the needs of the industry, insight into the pain points of customers in the new energy industry, aiming at stably protecting the power safety of customers in the whole industry chain of new energy with super performance, enabling the further development of new energy customers, and working together to promote the achievement of the national double carbon goal.

At the following summit, Sun Guangqing, vice president of Supply chain of Delixi Electric, delivered the opening speech first. He said: "Delixi Electric fully implemented the long-term plan of green development, made full efforts from the direction of green factories, green products and green premium, linked the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, helped partners, and jointly built a green ecological circle."

Ruan Tao, Vice President of Research and Development, said: "Delixi Electric will actively layout in the fields of intelligent distribution, green technology and products, accelerate the co-creation and iteration of new products in the fields of wind, light, storage and charging, further improve the efficiency of electricity management in the new energy industry and promote the industry's leap-forward growth."

Xu Yi, general manager of sales of power distribution industry, pointed out: "Under the background of double carbon, new energy, as an important link of economic development and green low-carbon, promotes the process of zero carbon of various industries and society, and is the main driving force of social sustainable development. Only by identifying changes accurately, responding to changes scientifically and actively, can we better meet the opportunities and challenges of The Times."

Deep Cultivation Industry Demand

Gather strength for a win-win green future

Over the years, Delixi Electric insists on implementing green sustainability into every link of production, not only walking well on its own green road, but also focusing on the development opportunities of new energy industry, and developing professional green product solutions for energy storage, photovoltaic and other new energy industries.

As for the profound impact of double carbon on low-voltage electrical industry, Yang Jungan, chief expert of Delixi electric industry solutions, said: "Driven by the policy of new energy and new infrastructure, new industries and new applications bring long-term strong development power to the development of low-voltage electrical industry, and new demands, technologies and solutions bring new opportunities and markets! Delixi Electric will give full play to its traditional advantages to serve industry customers and jointly promote the development of the new energy industry."

Zhang Yunxiao, head of the industry application Marketing Department, introduced the new energy industry chain, the pain points and solutions of silicon materials, polysilicon/monocrystalline silicon modules, lithium production and construction, photovoltaic energy storage power stations and other industrial products, as well as the highlights and solutions of Delixi Electric products to the guests. At the same time, with strong technology, Delixi Electric has developed terminal distribution products of the Internet of Things, with high precision metering, equipped with gateways and cloud platforms, intelligent interconnection, remote control, can empower customers to make operation and maintenance more efficient, clearer electricity consumption, and build a better intelligent life.

Finally, Sun Maokuan, general manager of Wuhu base operations, introduced Delixi Electric's "transparent factory" in detail. Entering the digital era, Wuhu Base has built an ecological park with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent production through the establishment of intelligent supply chain and strong automation and digital capabilities, and ensured the timely delivery of customer product orders with its excellent production and operation strength.

Sustainable development is a broad and profound social change. Enterprises should rebuild their core competitiveness. Only by understanding industry trends can they grasp the opportunities of green development. Delixi Electric knows that only by working together and complementating each other can we truly seize the opportunity to achieve a win-win situation of carbon reduction, efficiency improvement and sustainable development. Delixi Electric will continue to innovate, with professional green intelligent product solutions, to help the new energy industry strides forward, create a zero-carbon future.

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