• KYN61A-40.5 Armored Metal Enclosed Switchgear
  • KYN61A-40.5 Armored Metal Enclosed Switchgear

KYN61A-40.5 Armored Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Suitable for three-phase AC rated voltage 40.5kV, rated frequency 50Hz power system, used to receive and distribute electric energy and control, protect and monitor the circuit.


KYN61A-40.5 Metal-clad AC draw-out switchgear is designed by Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute and developed by Shanghai Delixi Group Co., Ltd.

KYN61A-40.5 swicthgear is equipped with ZN85A, ZN85B vacuum circuit break, or SF1, SF2 from Schneider Company. or FP series SF6 circuit breaker from ALSTOM Company. The switchgear adopts assembled structure, which improves the appearance and production precision. The busbar adopts pyrocondensation insulating material and epoxy coating insulation. The shape of the electrode is optimized with a compact cabinet structure.

Model Specification

Working Environment

  1. Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
  2. Altitude: lower than 1000m
  3. Relative humidity of air: day average no more than 95%, month average no more than 90%.
  4. Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees
  5. It cannot be used in places with corrosive or flammable gas, steam or other distinct pollutions.
  6. Notes: In case the working conditions cannot meet the requirements above, users can negotiate with the manufacturer.

Technical Parameters

Rated Parameters of KYN61 A-40.5 Switchgear

Rated Parameters of KYN61A-40.5 switchgear

Rated Parameters of ZN85B-40.5 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Rated Parameters of FP 40 series SF6 circuit breaker

Rated Parameters of SF Series Schneider SF6 circuit breaker

Rated Parameter of ZN85B-40.5 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Structure Characteristics

For other more technical parameters, please check the attached catalogue.

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