• Blockset Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Blockset Low Voltage Switchgear

Blockset Low Voltage Switchgear

Schneider authorized switchgear.

Blokset has won the recognition of many users for its excellent performance experience, high reliability quality, leading intelligent power distribution solutions, and performance in various fields of construction, industry, energy, and infrastructure.


Suitable for three-phase AC 50, (60)Hz, rated working voltage and rated insulation voltage of 400V, 1000V, rated current of 6300A and below three-phase four-wire system and three-phase five-wire system power system, widely used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, buildings, hotels, airports, terminals and radio and television communication centers. It is used as PC and motor control center MCC in power distribution for power generation, transmission and distribution, power conversion and power consumption.

Excellent performance experience:

  • Excellent electrical performance in the industry to meet customer needs
  • Standard anti-corrosion and salt spray environmental solutions to meet the harsh environmental requirements of the site
  • EMC Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, meet the requirements of anti-interference ability on site
  • 85kA 0.5s Ipc arc resistance and seismic intensity of 9 degrees seismic ability, to meet the site operation and maintenance safety and vibration environment requirements

High reliability quality:

  • Meet many international standards and obtain the authoritative certification of well-known laboratories ASEFA
  • Meet the domestic standards, the key parts of the cabinet meet the strict test of the national authority
  • The system uses Schneider electrical switching components to ensure better operation

Enjoy a simpler and more pure digital experience:

  • Pre-intelligent interconnection, so that complete equipment can communicate freely
  • Multiple measurements, so that the complete equipment can be autonomously sensed
  • Simple digital experience, digital closed loop, let the system think actively

Technical Parameters

Rated Insulation Voltage1000V (AC)
Rated Working Voltageto 690V (AC)
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage12kV
Over-voltage TypeIV
Main Busbar Rated Currentto 7000A
Rated Short-time Withstand Current100kA 1s
Disconnect Type1/2b/3b/4b
Protection LevelIP20-54
Inner Arc Human Protection IEC61641 V385kA 0.5s(Ipc arc), 65kA 0.3s(Ip arc)
Seismic CapabilityEarthquake intensity – 9 degrees
Function Unit TypeFixed, Draw-out
Cabinet TypeFixed, Drawer, Reactive Power Compensation, Dual Power, Variable Frequency Soft
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