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  • CDB6LEi residual current operated circuit breaker
  • CDB6LEi residual current operated circuit breaker

CDB6LEi residual current operated circuit breaker


Rated voltage:1P+N,2P: 230/240AC  
3P, 3P+N,4P:400/415AC
Rated current:6-63A
Rated frequency:50/60 Hz
Breaking capacity :6kA
Rated residual operating current(mA):30,50,75,100,300
Leakage protection type:AC Type,A Type
General leakage tripping time:t<=0.1S
S type leakage tripping time :0.13S<=t<=0.5S


Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) :500
Rated short-circuit capacity:6kA
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) :4kV
Dielectric test voltage :2.0 kV 50/60 Hz 1 min
Isolation function :Yes (except for 1P+N,3P+N)
Pollution degree :2
Trip unit technology :Thermal-magnetic
Curve code :C,D

Mechanical Characteristic

Trip indication:There is residual current action tripping indication on CDB6LEi, and the reset button pops up, which is for leakage tripping
Manual control:Overcurrent fault: close the circuit breaker handle
Leakage fault:The residual current action device is reset first, and the circuit breaker is reset later.
Handle :Red
On-Off indication :On-Off
Mechanical life  :20000 times
Electrical life  :10000 times
IP degree of protection::IP40(in distribution box),IP20(installed directly)
Shock resistance:30 g  (duration = 11.0 ms) for 3 shocks
Pollution degree:2

Installation Characteristic

Connections – terminals:U terminals
Clamping connection capacity:6-32A <= 16 mm²
40-63A<= 25 mm²
Tightening torque:6-32A    2N.m
40-63A  2.5 N.m
Mounting support:35 mm DIN rail
Cable entry :Top
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