LV Electrical Components

  • CDI-EC10 Series (AC Drives/ Frequency Inverter/ VFD)
  • CDI-EC10 Series (AC Drives/ Frequency Inverter/ VFD)

CDI-EC10 Series (AC Drives/ Frequency Inverter/ VFD)

It has optimized open-loop vector control, V / F control, stable performance, optimized functions, retains the user's common configuration, and uses a combination of one rectifier module and multiple inverter modules (up to 3), which is more cost-effective. It is a flexible single-phase low-power model.


1.Simplified function configuration with highly cost effective.

According to the commonly used functions required by users, optimize function configuration, reduce resource waste, improve product cost performance, and improve product competitiveness.

2. Exquisite appearance and structure

The modular design of the appearance structure is beautiful and delicate. The slide rail installation is compatible with the holes position installation, and can be flexibly configured according to user requirements.

3. Integrated communication module

The standard built-in RS-485 communication module can realize standard MODBUS-RTU communication. One host computer can communicate with multiple frequency inverters at the same time, with fast speed and good anti-interference effect.


It is mainly used in low-power applications that require certain input and output functions and do not require closed-loop vector control. Packaging machine, lens polisher, die cutting machine, engraving machine, textile machine, glass machine, printing and dyeing machine, etc.

Rectifier Unit ModelRated Capacity(kVA)Rated Input Current(A)Rated Output Current(A)
Inverter Unit ModelRated Capacity(kVA)Rated Input Current(A)Rated Output Current(A)Adapted Motor(kW)
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