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  • CDM6i Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
  • CDM6i Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CDM6i Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CDM6i provides 9 kinds of shell frame current specifications, covering from 63A to 1250A; compact product volume, and the independent installation function of accessories brought by the removable cover design.

Technical Parameter

Shell Frame CurrentCDM6i-63CDM6i-100CDM6i-125CDM6i-160
Rated Voltage Ue(V)400/415400/415/690400/415400/415/690
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui(V)800800800800
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp(KV)8888
Rated Current In(A)10-6310-10016-10010-125100-160
Poles (4P-A/B Type)3/43/433/43/4
Rated Ultimate Short-circuit Breaking Capacity Icu(KA)AC 400/415V355035507035355070
AC 690V   8  88 
Rated Operating Short-circuit Breaking Capacity Icu(KA)AC400/415V355035507035355070
AC 690V   8  48 
Mechanical LifeWith Maintenance4000400040004000
Without Maintenance
Electrical LifeAC 415V8000800080008000
Protection TypePower Distribution Protection
Motor Protection
Tripping methodThermomagnetic Tripping
Magnetic Tripping
Connection Method

Fixed Front Connecion
Fixed Rear Connecion
Plug-in Front Connecion
Plug-in Rear Connecion
Rraw Out Type

Undervoltage Release MN
Shunt Release MX
Alarm Contacts AL
Auxiliary Contact(one close one open)
Auxiliary Contact(two close two open)
Expand Terminal
DC/AC Electric Operation Mechanism
Round Manual Operation Mechanism
Square Manual Operation Mechanism
Round Extend Rotation Handle
Square Extend Rotation Handle
Interval Partition
Derive ProductOverload Alarm Without Tripping
Accessory Modular Installion 
Isolation Function 
Size-connection Before Fixed W*H*D3P(mm)75*130*6875*130*6892*150*93.575*130*68107*165*76107*165*94
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