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  • CDQ1F Series Dual Power Automatic Switch
  • CDQ1F Series Dual Power Automatic Switch

CDQ1F Series Dual Power Automatic Switch

CDQ1F type PC-level automatic switching switch is composed of load isolation switch (no overload and short circuit protection mechanism) and intelligent controller. The switch adopts the excitation type conversion mechanism, the conversion speed is faster, can be switched on and off and carry more working current; At the same time, a new microcomputer control system is adopted to monitor and control more intelligent, electromagnetic compatibility is strong, can work continuously for a long time, stable and reliable. At the same time, the switch is equipped with LED light /LED digital tube /LCD display, simple operation, clear instructions, to provide users with a friendly human-machine interface.


Frame Current63/125/250/630/800/1250/1600
Rated Working Current Ie (A)6-1600
Rated Working Voltage UeAC 400V
Rated Insulation Voltage UiAC 800V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp8kV
Appliance LevelPC Level
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