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  • CDQ1s Series Dual Power Automatic Switch
  • CDQ1s Series Dual Power Automatic Switch

CDQ1s Series Dual Power Automatic Switch

Automatic switching between common power supply (I) and standby power supply (II) (can also be set to manual switching), automatic switching between power supplies due to power failure or abnormal (voltage loss, phase break), to ensure the continuity, reliability and safety of power supply. The current capacity is 16~3200A, and the electric operating mechanism is the motor (single-phase AC) with the positive and reverse of the motor to drive the opening and closing for power conversion.


Frame Current100/160/250/630/1600/3200
Appliance LevelPC Level
Using TypeAC-33iB
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (V)690/1000
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp (kV)8/12
Rated Working Voltage Ue (V)AC230/400
Rated Working Current Ie (A)16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125/140/160/180/200/225
Rated Breaking Capacity (A)6Ie
Rated Working Frequency (Hz)50
Switching Time1.6s±10%; 0.1s~1s; 2s±10%; 1.65s±10%
For more technical details, please check the attached catalogue.
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