MV Switchgear

  • CDSM6 Medium Voltage Switch Cabinet
  • CDSM6 Medium Voltage Switch Cabinet

CDSM6 Medium Voltage Switch Cabinet

Authorized switchgear.

Widely used in 24kV electricity system, industry, building substations.


Rated Voltage12-24kV
Rated Current630A, 1250A
Short Circuit Current20kA, 25kA


Designed in moulde, flexible to expand;

Longer using life in bad environment;

Easy to operate, safer to use.

Electrical Characteristics

Rated VoltageUrkV7.21217.52436
Insulation Level
InsulationUd50/60Hz, 1min (kV ms)2028385070
IsolationUd50/60Hz, 1min (kV ms)2332456080
InsulationUp1.2/50μs (kV peak)607595125170
IsolationUp1.2/50μs (kV peak)7085110145195
Breaking Capacity
Transformer off loadA16
Cables off loadA31.550
Rated currentIrA400-630-1250630-1250

Protection Index

Classes: PI (Insulation partition)

Loss of service continuity classes: LSC2A (LSC1 for metering GAM/GBM functions)

Units in switchboard: IP3X

Between conpartments: IP2X for SM6-24, IP2XC for SM6-36

Cubicle: IK08 for SM6-24, IK07 for SM6-36

Electro-magnetic compatibility

Relays: 4kV withstand capacity, as per recommendation IEC 60801.4

Electrical field:

40dB attenuation at 100MHz

20dB attenuation at 200MHz

Magnetic field: 20dB attenuation below 30MHz

According to standards IEEE-693/2005 and EN 60068-3/1993

For 36kV (please contact us)


The cubicles must be stored and installed in a dry area free from dust and with limited temperature variations.

For storage: from -40℃ to +70℃

For working: from -5℃ to +40℃

Other temperatures. consult us

Seismic for 24kV (option)

Up to 0.5g (horizontal) and 0.4g (vertical)

Class 2

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