Power Distribution Products

Low Voltage Distribution CDW6I Air Circuit Breaker

Rack class: 1600AF,2000AF,2500AF,3200AF,4000AF.6300AF

Breaking grade: N&H&M

Rated currentin (a): 400~6300

The rated voltage AC UE (v): 220v/230v/240v/380v/400v/415v/440V/480V/500V/525V/550V/660V/ 690V800V/900V/950V/1000V/1140VU( V): 1000 VN&Htype), 1250V (Mtype)

Polar Poles: 3 & 4

Installation mode: fixed type & drawer type

Wiring mode: horizontal rear connection and vertical rear connection

Intelligent tripping device

  • iTR326 type (basic type)

     Basic function: protection function (L, S, I&G)

  • Type iTR326A (standard)

       Basic protection

      Basic measurement

      Auxiliary function

  • iTR326H(Advanced)

      Basic+Advanced Protection

      Multiple measurement

      Auxiliary function

      Special function

      Communication function


  • Locking, interlocking and protection accessories: button protection lock, mecha door interlock and safety baffle lock.
  • Indication accessories: prepare closing contact, three-position signal contact, auxiliary contact.
  • Remote operating accessories: opening and closing coil, under-voltage coil, electrical mechanism, electrical reset, and reclosing with voltage detection.
  • Circuit protection accessories: N-phase external transformer, grounding transformer.
  • Attachment type: horizontal, vertical, extended row and extended row
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