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  • CKSG Series Series Reactor
  • CKSG Series Series Reactor

CKSG Series Series Reactor

CKSG series three-phase series reactor is used in low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet, connected in series with capacitors, and the operation mode of three-phase total compensation switching. To limit the capacitor closing inrush current, having a reactor to limit the external inrush current generated when a fault occurs at close range or when a nearby capacitor is switched or the power supply container group is detuning to avoid resonance with the power system. Restrain high order harmonics, improve system power factor, and prevent irreversible harm caused by capacitor accidents.


Working Frequency50Hz-60Hz
Rated Currency5A-1000A
Matching Capacitance Voltage450V-1100V
Insulation Resistance1000VDC,≥1000MΩ
Class of ProtectionIP00-IP20
For more technical details, please check the attached catalogue.
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