Power Transmission

  • Insulated Piercing Clamp
  • Insulated Piercing Clamp

Insulated Piercing Clamp

Apply to the construction distribution system, cable connection, low voltage aerial insulating cable connection, low voltage indoor cable connection, stret lamp distributionsystem etc.
Main line insulated Cu or Alu.
Tap line. insulated Cu or Alu.

TTD Series insulated piercing clamp

Live or blackout operation

  • Insulating body is made of high strength,Climatic and mechanically resistant material. Tight bolt is processed by anticorrosion treated and equipped with tight torque nut so thatit can be installed simply, safely and fast, The stable piercing pressure can assure the cable connection up to a perfect effection.
  • Watertight connector. with standing 6KV flash over in water.
  • Sealed waterproof cap of tap line can prevent water come into tap connection conductorWaterproof soft cap is for option. lt can be sperated on right side of left side when it isnecessary.
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